‘No Confidence’ motion proposed against Union President

first_imgOver 30 Union members have signed a petition calling for a motion of no-confidence in the President.The motion, which states “This House has no confident in the President, Benjamin Sullivan, Christ Church”, was posted on the Union notice-board on Thursday morning. It comes a week after Sullivan’s arrest by Thames Valley Police on suspicion of rape and attempted rape.Speaking to Cherwell, Aleksy Gaj, the proposer of the motion said, “I think he should step down due to his recent absences from the Union. I fear that his recent circumstances have left him unable to properly carry out his duties, and the fact that so many committee members have recently resigned stating a toxic atmosphere point towards a Union that has become increasingly chaotic and ungovernable under his watch.”He continued, “Regardless of the previous media stories regarding Union funds and his arrest, I believe that this issue needs to be brought into the open at the very least — even if we cannot comment on the truth of the allegations that have led to his arrest — I know that it is still highly troubling for many members that someone facing such allegations is in, for example, a position of power of [sic] women. “At the very least this should be debated in public by Union members in our tradition of free speech. Though a vote is more of a symbolic gesture, given that this cannot make Ben resign, it is still important that Union members let him know collectively how they feel about him continuing to be President.”However, Sullivan argues that, due to Rule 47(a)(i)(1) which states that “No Private Business Meeting not recommended by the Standing Committee shall be introduced at a Public Business Meeting unless notice of it has been posted on the notice-board not less than eight days before the meeting”, the debate cannot be held next Thursday, since only seven days will have passed since its posting.Sullivan commented. “With regards to the No Confidence Motion itself all I can say at this stage is that it will now be held in 5th Week as the proposers did not give the eight days’ notice required by the Rules.” Proposers of the motion have questioned Sullivan’s position. Speaking in his role as Returning Officer, Josh Atkinson, said “In the rules, any public business motion put forward by a member with 30 signatures can only be debated eight days after its posting on the notice board, since the motion was only put forward this Thursday, the eight days will have not passed so it could not be discussed at the fourth week Thursday debate as asked for in the motion.“However, Standing Committee has the ability to push forward any motion, including this one and can vote on this on Monday. If they vote as such, the no confidence motion can be debated on Thursday of fourth week”Atkinson also pointed out that at the debate the President will be unable to defend himself in front of the House. “Due to standing order B5, no member of Standing Committee is able to speak against the motion and thus, if it came to it, the President could not defend himself in a No-Con.”The Motion of No Confidence comes as Sullivan held his first Union event since his arrest, chairing the weekly Thursday debate. Speaking to the House he said, “I would like to make a very brief statement regarding the recent stories about me. Unfortunately I am not able to give any detailed comment on what is now an ongoing police investigation. As you may be aware no charges have been brought against me and I have the utmost faith in the police and Crown prosecution service and the British legal system as a whole. I know that sooner or later the truth will prevail and justice will be served.”He continued, “I would like to thank Mayank, President-Elect for organising the debate in my absence and I hope events will not overshadow what I am sure will be an excellent debate that your committee have worked so hard to organise.”The Thursday debate continued as usual.last_img read more