Parents warned after boy is followed in city

first_imgAdvertisement Email Facebook Previous articleGreat Limerick Run ReturnsNext articleSavita – she died after being refused a termination admin Twitter Report By Andrew Carey PARENTS are again being warned that children are being inappropriately approached by strangers after school after a boy was followed by a man in the city. The latest incident comes following almost half a dozen reports in Limerick since the schools returned in September. Sergeant Brian Broderick the Crime Prevention Officer at Henry Street Garda Station told the Limerick Post that at 4.30pm last Thursday, a Garda who was on patrol spotted a middle-aged man walking with a young teenage boy on O’Connell Street.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up “The man was carrying one of the schoolboy’s bags and the Garda approached and spoke to the man where he described the schoolboy as a ‘friend’ and that they had been friends for a number of months. He also stated that he sometimes walked the boy home from school.Gardai also spoke to the boy separately and he stated that the man had engaged in some “inappropriate conversation”.Sgt Broderick said that the Gardai on scene brought the boy home, unharmed, and spoke with his parents. However “the relationship and use of inappropriate conversation is a matter of concern and this incident is being investigated by the Gardaí from Henry Street.”Parents are being asked to maintain their vigilance and to “speak to their children about approaches from strangers and also that they give clear instructions to their children that approaches of this type are not appropriate and that it is important that they report these incidents immediately to their parents, teachers or to another responsible adult.”Gardaí should also be notified of any incident that either the child or their patents are concerned about.center_img Linkedin NewsLocal NewsParents warned after boy is followed in cityBy admin – November 14, 2012 493 Print WhatsApplast_img read more

Dave Matthews Band Shares Entire “The Central Park Concert” On YouTube

first_imgAs any Dave Matthews Band fan will tell you, the band’s September 24th, 2003 performance on the Great Lawn in New York’s Central Park will go down in DMB lore as one of the band’s benchmark moments. The concert, which benefited music programs in New York City schools, was recorded and released as a live album, The Central Park Concert, and then as a live DVD. Today, for the first time ever, it can be watched on the band’s YouTube channel for free.Joined by 85,000 strong, the Central Park concert features some of the strongest material out of the DMB cannon, including a crushing “Don’t Drink The Water” opener, the classic combo of “Dancing Nancies” > “Warehouse” as well as an explosive, set-closing cover of Bob Dylan‘s “All Along The Watchtower”. Matthews & Co. were also joined by a very special guest, Warren Haynes, who sat in on Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer” (a rare cover at the time) as well as DMB’s “Jimi Thing.”Watch and listen to Dave Matthews Band’s The Central Park Concert in its entirety here.Setlist: Dave Matthews Band | Central Park | New York, NY | 9/24/03Don’t Drink The Water, So Much To Say > Anyone Seen The Bridge > Too Much, Granny, Crush, When The World Ends, Dancing Nancies > Warehouse, Ants Marching, Rhyme & Reason, Two Step, Help Myself, Cortez The Killer*, Jimi Thing*, What Would You Say, Where Are You Going, The Star-Spangled Banner > All Along The WatchtowerEncore: Grey Street, What You Are, Stay (Wasting Time)* = w/ Warren Hayneslast_img read more

Giardia Spoils Evolutionists’ Soup

first_imgIn current evolutionary thinking, Giardia (the backpacker’s bane, a water-borne intestinal parasite that causes cramps and diarrhea) is an oldie.  Once long ago, early cells supposedly engulfed bacteria that became specialized into modern mitochondria.  “Until a few months ago, Giardia was thought to represent a throwback to the time before this union,” reports Nature,1 because the organism apparently did not contain mitochondria.  Recently, however, scientists had found the genes that code for mitochondrial proteins.  “But the real bombshell came last November,” Jonathan Knight reports, when a team found the proteins clustered in little sacs they dubbed mitosomes, or mitochondria-like bodies (see 11/12/2003 headline).  Some scientists want more evidence before giving up their evolutionary trees.This attitude frustrates people such as William Martin, who studies molecular evolution at Heinrich Heine University in D�sseldorf, Germany.  He is convinced that the best and simplest explanation for the data is that Giardia once had mitochondria.  Some people, he argues, refuse to accept this because they have spent too many years working on the opposite assumption.  “They don’t want it to have mitochondria because it spoils their soup,” he says.  “This thinking is deeply ingrained.”    The thinking has its roots in the concept of the Archezoa, Martin argues, the group that was conceived to bring together a range of single-celled eukaryotes thought to lack mitochondria.  Giardia was the granddaddy, having branched off on its own before any other eukaryote, according to evolutionary trees built using sequences of RNA from ribosomes, the organelles in which proteins are made….But one by one, the Archezoa all proved to have either a set of mitochondrial genes in their nuclei, or relics of mitochondria such as mitosomes or hydrogenosomes.Nature has a “gut feeling” that “Giardia’s status as the earliest branching eukaryote has also been questioned” by these discoveries.  Maybe some day, someone will discover “a new member of the Archezoa, sans mitochondria or mitosomes, lurking in the oxygen-starved muck at the bottom of a lake.”  But even then, “Some recent evolutionary trees that take into account the variable rates at which different DNA bases mutate paint a much muddier picture of the early branches.”1Jonathan Knight, “Giardia: Not so special, after all?” Nature 429, 236 – 237 (20 May 2004); doi:10.1038/429236a.Need we remind anyone that a mitochondrion is among the most complex organelles in a cell, home of the elaborate molecular machine named ATP synthase? (See 02/13/2004 and 09/18/2003 headlines).  So here again is a familiar pattern: the earliest, most “primitive” organisms are already busily using advanced technology.  Darwinists can point to no precursors.  The ones they surmised were precursors turned out not to be; they are either just as complex, or parasites that degenerated from earlier complex organisms.  Another familiar pattern: evolutionists don’t want to admit it.  “This thinking is deeply ingrained.”    A group of evolutionary biologists was standing by the rail on a Darwin Party cruise aboard the HMS Beagle 3.  They were all moaning from having eaten spoiled soup, made with bad leaves from the wrong tree.  Captain FitzBehe walked up to a green-faced patron who just fed the fish.  “What’s the matter, Chuck?” he asked with a slap on the shoulder.  “Weak stomach?”  “No, captain,” the evolutionist struggled to reply.  “I’m throwing it farther than anybody else.”(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

AngelList: Venture Hacks Launches Curated Investor Index

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Earlier today Venture Hacks announced the launch of the AngelList – a curated list of angel investors with an interest in early-stage funding pitches. According to a blog post by Venture Hacks cofounder Babak Nivi, legendary investors like FF Fund angel Dave McClure, Techstars’ Brad Feld and SoftTech VC’s Jeff Clavier are among the site’s first participants. ReadWriteStart caught up with Nivi to find out why he was moved to create the resource. “Entrepreneurs are always asking us if we know any angel investors.” He says, “It’s one of the most common questions in the startup world. So we decided to make a list of the ones we know and also open it to ones we didn’t know. We also needed a place to keep track of the angels we know for our own reference. Hence AngelList!” Anyone who has made $25,000 dollars in investments in 2009 and plans to do the same in 2010 is eligible to apply for the list. Participating investors receive information on three vetted startups per week and a place on the Venture Hacks blog and AngelList Twitter account. While some Angels may shy from displaying their contact info to the public, the list is actually a much better way to manage the pitch process as entrepreneurs are made well aware of investor objectives and interests. Startups can browse the site for contact information, investment criteria, trusted referrers and an investor’s current portfolio. Explains Nivi, “Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time trying to get intros to investors – even the entrepreneurs who end up raising money from Ron Conway, Fred Wilson or Sequoia. We want to make it easy for qualified entrepreneurs to get the intros.” To check out the list, visit or to make your angel financing needs known, add yourself to the VentureHacks Startup List at Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#start#startups center_img dana oshiro A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

100000 Investment For TCI Tourism

first_img Related Items:Gary Brough, KPMG, rufus ewing, tci tourism Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales – A one hundred thousand dollar investment being made by government to chart the course in tourism; and KPMG Turks and Caicos branch won the consultancy job which will deliver a National Strategy on Tourism. Premier and Tourism Minister Rufus Ewing flanked by Gary Brough Managing Director of KPMG and PS for his Office Wesley Clerveaux explained that the process will involve key stakeholders who are expected to weigh in on how tourism can be enhanced and should be developed. The country’s leader, admitting, that while tourism is doing well in many areas, there are pockets which need development; among them eco-tourism. The development of this national strategy will also see a tourism conference for the country in November during Tourism Awareness Week. Brough said while the KPMG office is indeed local, his team will be able to tap into the worldwide resources of his company which has a wealth of experience in the Caribbean. KPMG has for two years hosted an island infrastructure summit in Miami welcoming Caribbean leaders; last year premier Dr Rufus Ewing was among the regional leaders presenting at the two day event held at the JW Mariott Marquis hotel. TCI tourism surges for 2015; March is biggest month Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp PNP Convention Feb 19 Weekend; South Caicos woman announces at large interest Recommended for you TCI: Savory favors investor residency status, heralds KPMG economic report, says Caicos link is economic lifelinelast_img read more