See the search engine to access the site log from the truth

usually on the website optimization are very focused on the website data, for example, included snapshot and ranking. Especially for large sites, there are many is not ideal, this time can not just look at the surface of the data to determine the cause of the problems, but should be deeply, through web logs, see the specific situation of search engine spiders visit the website to find some answers. I usually analysis website, also attaches great importance to view the problem from the log, root can find the problem. Today to share with you some methods and ideas of their own, hope that more exchanges. read more

Qihoo 360 to enter the search engine market 6 guess

Qihoo 360 is currently positioned

security experts, even 360 browser also play on the security label, this image has been popular, "

here to talk about the prospects for the future development of the 360 search, now 360 search has just started, must walk a road or extremely hard and bitter, that is the thing after a few years, so before this, let us turn it around, bold guess Qihoo 360 to enter the search engine market reason.

a recent Sogou search shows that the performance of the 360 current performance is very general, as a comprehensive index and search Sogou search engine, it will die to the data on this matter also shows that the major search is hostile to the 360 search, because before 360 opponents basically disappeared. According to the previous 360 development rule, will eventually fall in love with the sea and a war is There’s no telling but before that, in 360, or to do home work, the technology is lifted to a certain height is a key. read more