How to find high quality Links

my last article "on Links" has a lot of advantages and disadvantages buddy are reproduced in the other, my heart is a lot of reproduced buddy I regard the website link to get rid of, here, I really like these buddy and say "please, the next time you turn my article. Can I have the link with you? Anyway, you add two links are not very tired." these days, I have been suffering from home does not see the fact that the development of our brings unfavorable influence not good rankings, there is no good advice, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng do at the end of the final is to pick a single, if so to original and explanation, to enlighten the masses just join buddies to make the website also cannot get a better position…… What can I do? Can continue to write to bitter, until the buddy online home page out. Now I had to do not write soft station with such passion, can be said for the occurrence of the phenomenon is not so used to appear at the same time get excited over a little thing, two snapshots, ranking one hour for a change, the keywords ranking the first web site has long been linked to the black chain, at the home is not consistent with the website and keywords…… This situation, I can brew an article, and with the same not to mind taking the trouble to judge the vision examination. Now, well, this kind of situation, alas…… "Shanghai love is like this, always convulsions, habits, and so on." The occasional one, is six or seven months, to know the buddy online site had been killed almost eight months, eight months, every day I was on pins and needles, not the kind of ranking is not accustomed to feeling like a nightmare, until after third, finally the phenomenon of compromise his pipe, I, to write the original, not cheating, not to change some out of order links, not just change, you need to find I love Shanghai, I can still do their own thing to do. No online sites rely on Huyou people to make money to many people, not just the site less sustenance, or to do publicity, although not through the search keywords bring traffic, but can bring traffic by writing the original ah, this is just casually said, love Shanghai preferences, or to meet. Or write so many things, as the visitors you really will read every single word or phrase tolerance? If you really read, had no website, spend a thousand dollars to buddy online here to do a website, I can give you my talk Shanghai Longfeng experience, write feel in a stand up comic, at the beginning of a talk so much, but the main content or not to say. Today, I want to share with you is how to find Links exchange. Cough, cough two, the content of long before I wrote again and again today to write again, the passage of time, people have changed, a lot of emotion, I have seen the person holding a point of praise, not read my article, I Guo Yeye today with you mix a familiar face, are struggling in the Internet layer of misery brothers, after the construction site revision, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, promotion account optimization, software development, WeChat website live all give, brothers and I give you salute here. Long open > zalun read more

Optimization of Adwords Step By Step a account preparation

Keywords For example, we provide

in the distribution of

insights fou search baby aristocracy Google search analysis (贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/insights/search/ (Google trends) is the baby trend) upgrade edition, can be used for the pre launch estimates can also be verified after the launch, the


can see the new "Google keyword optimization" than "Google promotion." traffic flow is much lower, but it can still bring traffic for us, according to the past we have put on the flow of the word "Google promotion" is very familiar with, through the comparison, we will also have an intuitive understanding to "put Google optimization", which can guide our advertising budget allocation and delivery. read more

How to love Shanghai fast included your site

two, the structure of the website avoid confusion. The plan and construction on the site at the beginning, we must co-ordinate the structure of the website, not to spider differentiation on you, but you guide the spider on your site for details, when the structure of your site is too confused, then you should pay attention to, your new sites, generally can not be fast love Shanghai the spider recognized, even if you included, you will not have very good rankings. The website structure to choose a tree structure, navigation to use bread cut navigation, page level don’t too deep well position navigation for use very friendly. read more

How to build the website structure and website keywords of Pyramid Bridge

Long tail keywords operation and site

, a website positioning type, according to the type of decision

of closely linked, from the editor of the website to the website collection to the site’s profit is the usual mode of operation, and a website should be based on the common mode of operation to dig out the long tail keywords, a small website main keywords said the author’s novel name, is the name, the latest novel name + +txt download. The site of the long tail keywords is in the website profit model based on mining, such as through the latest novel name + name + novel to expand out the complete download, can also be used to develop novel novel name +txt download name + download and so on the long tail keywords, according to site traffic statistics according to the analysis of the website has long tail keywords occupy the site traffic > 2/5 read more

Three update website content you do


with several big love Shanghai update algorithm, resulting in domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry appeared exhausted, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network analysis after the discovery, a large part of the reason is our Shanghai dragon er who did not continue to learn, to keep up with the pace of the Internet! Among them, one of the most notable is the we are still in accordance with the website before the contents of the update process to update our website, if this continues, Shanghai dragon industry is bound to be a crisis of read more

n the selection of target keywords should pay attention to what

from the love Shanghai index picked up some keywords to carry on the analysis, the next step is to analyze the competition of target keywords. For example, Shanghai dragon is the word, at present it is difficult to do, so we should avoid the word, and choosing to do, can be regional, but also for the target customers (that is the enterprise website). According to industry analysis, industry competition is very important keywords, special products in this station. We all know this, the competition is too strong, the keyword ranking is difficult to make up, the natural volume is low. read more

How to choose the most popular high keywords to optimize your Taobao baby title

1. Taobao home page search box below the tip. These are very popular words.


7. is the tool you can use for free. That is entering your Ali Wangwang. Quantum statistics, the lower left corner there is a "Amoy" word, click the menu > points out

6. is a tool, Taobao data cube, spend money, do it, for you will help.

2. when you search for a word, Taobao is not a drop-down box there is some recommended words, the recommended word is the word related to popular sort. read more

Not to clean up the garbage chain website ranking cyclical fluctuation your attention please


online on the 3.16 sporadic algorithm rules are discussed, the affected site is not too much, a website dragon implicated in surprise. With the gradual application of Scindapsus algorithm love Shanghai, rejected outside the chain of tools online announcement, tell the webmaster love Shanghai search engine in order to maintain justice, zero tolerance for the chain of garbage. The reason why I website ranking no overnight, I had bad chain have a great relationship, in the webmaster tools haven’t updated data to the website and we found that the weight of the website and is still ranked, but through a search engine search has already found in hundreds of meters away: as shown in figure read more

How to choose keywords increase website conversion rate

Keywords small class called Keywords:

analysis: these words for some of the new company, the urgent need to enter the market of the company, can do, because he can make your brand in the industry. There is, if you stand in the user’s point of view to analysis of words, most of the search keywords such users may just want to understand the industry and other purposes. May be your potential customers may not, very uncertain.

second class

caused by these circumstances are derived from the keyword set unreasonable lead. So, we need to do when screening keyword keywords? How to make choice to bring high conversion flow? Unisignflex Shanghai dragon and everyone to discuss the core problem, analyze the common keyword classification can bring what kind of effect. read more

Webmaster how to do long tail keywords optimization

! secondsWebsite optimization

special chain optimization:

website right down topics:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

said the long tail word, you may feel than those keywords more fierce competition easier, it is not false, but the long tail is also need to have some plan, otherwise it is not easy to do the long tail word up, below I combined with my personal experience, speaking a yourself this time do long term feel. read more