What do the website of Shanghai Longfeng key point optimization

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng there are many articles on the Internet, some key is from Shanghai dragon optimization idea to carry out the discussion, some is discussed from the Shanghai dragon optimization details, some of it is discussed from the angle of the operation, some are from the stage of development of this website. These rich content often let people see dizzying, but also make many people feel unable to start, it will make many webmaster think Shanghai Longfeng optimization is difficult. read more

WordPress virtual host fixed link technique



Two custom structure

fixed link generally has 5 forms: the default p=id? Form date + name form, digital form, there is a custom structure. We can find that most of the WordPress website is a custom form structure finally used, because this form is conducive to search engine optimization. So, how should set the custom structure and

RewriteRule /favicon.ico /favicon.ico [L]

said above are good, then you should choose what kind of good? According to the point of view of the author, select the /%postname%/ structure is better. Why? Choose the former, in fact the search engine put your article as a web directory page, and the choice of the latter is regarded as a HTML document root directory. Then, the sub directory home page and the root directory of the ordinary page which high weight? Should be two level directory of the home page, so I recommend the use of the former, which is like /%postname%/ structure. read more

Discussion how to make the weight of the 5 sites

Xiao Ke promised every Monday post, written over a few weeks, found nothing to write, because as everyone knows Shanghai dragon then some basic knowledge in fact, mastered these criteria such knowledge, website, website optimization analysis is practice constantly, slowly accumulated experience, formed its own set of optimization methods. Compared with the relatively fixed Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, different website optimization strategy is also a certain difference, can be said that the one thousand sites can be summed up in one thousand different optimization strategies. Web site optimization strategy so the Jinyuan Xiao Ke mall with buddies together to analyze a weight of 5. read more

10 seconds to love Shanghai for quality to enhance the degree of 3 your account


for example. Take the industry say, such as the words you are bidding is "Chinese XX best hospital". The quality of your 2 star, you are competing with Samsung, his search results are the first love in Shanghai, you are second. If you are with him out of the price is 5 yuan. So every time his click price is 5*2/3+0. 01 = 3. 34 yuan, then the third and 2 star quality bid 4. 99 yuan. Your price per click is 4. 99*2/2+0. 01=5 yuan. You can think about is if people or keywords gynecological infertility, male, offer is 30 yuan or 60 yuan, the quality of the factors immediately reflected. read more

How to layout the chain of words let your soft Wen to detonate your web site traffic


and your title should be the key layout in your.

layout in the article is enough? The answer is no.. Do you have a more important thing, because you have to do a niubable "the title of the party". An article appeared in the forum, how to attract users to click on the title is really important?.


keyword layout into the title and a very important reason, here with you on the next. But before I have to explain, explain to everyone, the search engine is how to determine the user with your search words, then take your article to recommend to the user process. The search engine will be based on a word of your title and content, we refer to as a keyword, the keyword matching with the user search in the search engine search words, this will be the search engine to determine the most important basis. The title is the highest weight occupied. So when your article is included in the search engine, how to better recommend it to your target audience, the title plays a very important role. read more

How to do web site optimization focus on the promotion of some misunderstanding in

‘s pendulum path planning has many years of experience in Shanghai dragon, the success of capital operation, chain sales, chamber of commerce business, network information and other key words beloved Shanghai home in addition to optimization, website construction, website production, the next step will be to optimize the site taking swing path, mainly related to optimization of the long tail word, will focus on the band network the company related to the optimization of long tail words beloved Shanghai home. read more

From the Shanghai dragon inspired throw out the window

4, very good. This should be said that the Shanghai dragon, now how they said on social marketing. In fact, the Shanghai dragon has now become less and less, and marketing combination of Shanghai dragon is.

1, website orientation choice is better, the problem of food safety from the earlier tainted milk to the chromium capsules recently, has been more and more harm to people’s life, so food safety, food and health are very promising search keywords, the volume continues to increase.

today from the Shanghai dragon look at the site. read more

Gladly flydream 10 in Shanghai Longfeng cheating

1, the

3, domain name bombing, this method is more common, he is mainly through the registration of multiple domain names and links to their main website, if each domain name on the contents of different is just, it is important for each domain content is not the same, it will be regarded as cheating. In the last, leaving more rain is Shanghai dragon also used this way, you can see his website is not a few days will be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, fell in love with the sea K.

new friends tend to Shanghai Dragon Technology confused, always think in such a short time to put the website ranking make up, looking for some shortcuts. This mood is the process of growing up every Shanghai dragon ER must go through. But this shortcut is not desirable, once the search engine that will be punished (light included page deleted, heavy website was K) search engine for Shanghai dragon Er are a reflection of the environment of fair and fair ranking rules, on site is cheating punishment when tough. Today to share the 10 Shanghai dragon cheating: read more

A5 submission guidelines realize the soft skills

, it is because of these high quality original article, only the A5 webmaster such a good communication platform; also because the A5 webmaster network guide, a group of the industry will grow. For the love of the status of Shanghai, to live, we may have a lot of dissatisfaction. But as long as we unite together, learn together, with no more than kan. Www.targuo.net, the clothing to join, cobalt men, Admin5 > first

optimization industry good soft release platform is the most famous three: A5, Chinaz, stationmaster net Shanghai dragon why. You can imagine, an article can bring dozens of stationmaster net pure original high quality of the chain resources brought to you, how exciting! However, it is not so easy to. Often can see: will continue to work hard; a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the readability is not high rejection "declaration". Here, thanks to the A5 webmaster network that dedication, the dedication for reviewers, guidelines for parsing A5, teach you some basic skills of soft release. read more

Factors causing the site to drop the right in the end what

In fact, sixth

fifth, this is definitely the most easy to make a mistake, the hair of the chain. Exactly how to send the chain? What the chain will be down right? The chain to high quality, do not copy and paste, so the chain stay more content will be right down. Standing outside the chain, will be right down. Link, will be right down. The mass of the chain, will be right down. Blog, forum messages too much, be mistaken for love sea group, will be right down. A single chain to the home page, will be right down. In short, outside the chain of hair can not, although beneficial to ranking, but accidentally, also will be right down. Of course, there is a solution, to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform rejected some of the chain, then the high quality of the chain increased. read more