Falcón’s great fight in his second crusader injury

first_imgFalcon, that you have received the most important support from his family, friends and all his teammates, rose stronger from his injury in the crusader in 2017, performing at a high level in Atlético from where last summer decided return to Barça. In the Catalan club, he has played eight league games and two Champions League matches this season, acting as end or side on the left wing. The one from Arucas appreciates the fact of being when facing an injury of this level: “We have the best medical services in the world. The club has the best personnel, both doctors, physiotherapists and retractors, as well as all the necessary material to be able to make the recovery in the best possible way. “On the injury, Falcón indicates that the experience has helped him take recovery better. “The first time it happened to me, the injury taught me that it was much, much stronger than I thought. It is what helps me get over it now. If I already did, why this time does it have to be different? “, the footballer points out.A scar that marks a challengeAndrea Falcón, who was close from Stay outside From the past world Due to a problem in the sole of the foot, she has been accompanied by injuries during her career. Despite this, the canary has not stopped reap success, with six Leagues and two Cups in his record. The footballer is shown very positive Regarding the recovery of his serious injury, from which he points out that “this time he is being everything easierSuch an injury always goes uphill. Be so long without your partners it’s complicated. However, having lived it before makes me know what steps to follow, the feelings I have to have and if they are normal or not, “says Arucas.“It is a difficult injury. During recovery, you live on a roller coaster: a few days the knee is great and you are happy; and the next day it hurts and you get the slump and want to quit. Even so, with work and effort it is overcome. Do not give up“declares Falcón, looking at the scar from the operation on his knee with a single thought: “Back better than I was.” Minute 14 of the Espanyol-Barça derby (0-4) on December 16. Soccer stopped again for Andrea Falcón (Arucas, Las Palmas, 23 years old). The Canarian player relapsed at that time in one of the injuries most feared by footballers: the ligament tear anterior crossover. For the second time in his career, First on the knee of the right leg and this time from the left, the Barça ’21’ was faced the operating room and to a recovery that, at least, would leave him six months without being able to play. “I knew it before they confirmed it to me, from the moment I made the gesture in the game and noticed that feeling. For a few seconds i stayed on the ground and I relived in my head the eleven months that I spent without playing because of that same injury three years ago“indicates the player in an interview with AS.The left-handed lane, which he caught the quarantine in half of his recovery, performs all the indications that Barça medical specialists send them from their home in Las Palmas. “It is not costing me much, the truth. Right now I am in a phase of the injury where I work the muscle. For this, I have different materials such as rubbers, a TRX, a medicine ball and a step to make the exercises what me day by day“, recounted the Spanish international, after explaining how the confinement is living:” I try keep a routine to keep your mind busy and not think so much about this situation. “The player, graduated in psychology, emphasizes that she is” eager to return. ” “I know I’ll be back. It will take time and it will be hard, but I will work to make it as soon as possible, “he says.last_img

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