Not much happening Between the Rows as winter lingers on

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Dan Uetrecht, Warren CountyWe’ve been pretty slow like everyone else. We had close to three inches of rain the other day. I’ve lost track of all the gloomy, rainy cloudy days but one day and one night it never stopped raining. We got some higher winds but nothing that caused damage.The wheat looks good and is greening up some but it is behind like the grass and the trees. Normally we start seeing leaves the first week of April and there are no leaves on our trees down this way. I think everything is behind and waiting for some warm weather to start growing.I’m getting everything ready. We are cleaning fence line and doing all of those little things so whenever that window opens we can just hammer down. It is frustrating to be in the first part of April and be so wet.I have a little bit of wheat by a creek — we have some lower bottoms by a couple of big creeks. With that bottom ground we get high organic matter but we also get a lot of flooding. We had one whole wheat field under water for a day. There is still a little ponding there and some yellow spots, but nothing that I think is going to hurt the yield too much. We did topdress that wheat when it got a little drier. Hopefully we haven’t lost too much nitrogen. I think we are fine because we used an N inhibitor.I am a big believer in early planting. We have two planters so we can plant corn and beans at the same time. I think we can raise pretty good beans because we plant early. There has only been one time I can remember that frost has gotten the beans. When the soil temperature is right and conditions are right, we’ll plant. Any time around April 10 when things are right we will roll, but there is no way we will get out there by April 10.The cover crops are starting to grow a little and green up. We got the rye on late. We can’t plant now but we have crimson clover and rye coming up. They are starting to grow and you like to have something growing out there when you can’t do anything. The planters are hooked up and we are ready.For the rest of this week’s reports, click here.last_img

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