5 days, 120 hours and 2,356 players: How Chileans played the world’s longest soccer match

first_imgIn Santiago, Chile’s capital, the stadium of Bicentenary saw an interesting world record on May 23. A football match was played that saw the most participants ever – a total of 2,356 players.AP Photo/Esteban Felix In a 90-hour football match, the average distance covered per-game by a footballer is 12 km. Here on the other hand, the entire stadium was taken over by players for 5 days and 120 hours of total game-play.This means, that figuratively, as many as 80 matches were played in just one match.The final score, in case you’re wondering, was 505 to 504 (close right?). No, the match didn’t go into penalties.AP Photo/Esteban Felix Recorded by Guinness World Record adjudicator, Evelyn Carrera, the match was nothing short of a spectacle, breaking the previous record of a 105-hour-long match set last year in Scotland.Each player on the field played for an hour and the participants were a combination of both regular and professional players.Screenshot: Reuters Video Before the kick-off of this epic football match, goalkeeper Cristopher Toselli of the Chile national team said, “It’s many hours, over many days, evidently, but for the regular players, there is plenty of motivation to come out to be able to share in this with professional players.”Screenshot: Reuters Video Alvaro Valenzuela, a Chilean engineer who also participated in the game said, “It’s a really great experience.””It’s extremely enriching, for me at least, as I practically don’t play sports. It’s a unique experience, valuable, and I would like it if there were more initiatives like this one,” he said.advertisementThe amateur players who applied online to take part in the record match were exhilarated to play alongside many Chilean professional footballers.AP Photo/Esteban Felixlast_img

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