5 Travel Flasks to Show the World What a Sophisticated Drinker You Are

first_img 16 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now The Best Netflix Food Documentaries to Savor Right Now The Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now Misc Goods Co.Just because you fancy day drinking from a flask doesn’t mean you need to feel — or look — like the degenerate you are. From hand-etched to limited edition to sailor-inspired kitsch, these five flasks ensure you’re carrying your booze like a gentleman.Misc. Goods Ceramic Flask – $92Leave it to Kentucky — the state that blessed the world with bourbon — to devise a handsome and deceptively simple flask. The aptly named Ceramic Flask from Louisville-based Misc. Goods is unlike most any flask we’ve seen before. The brand sidesteps the cold sleekness of stainless steel for the warmth of quarter-inch white slip-cast ceramic. While the black version seems the obvious choice, we’re partial to the unconventional ivory, which offers a bit of old-world explorer nostalgia. Two leather straps and a brass stud and button secure the natural cork to ensure your 11 ounces of tipple don’t wind up on the airport floor.Sip It The Sneerwell Noble Flask- $65Imagine someone was to dredge up a crateful of one-of-a-kind vintage flasks from the staterooms of the RMS Titanic — beautifully aged, but well-preserved. The Noble Flask by The Sneerwell is a bit like that. The husband-and-wife duo behind the brand carefully hand-etch every flask they sell. A proprietary aging process than finishes each piece with a unique patina ensuring no two are alike. If you’re a salty old sailor at heart, this is the flask for you.Sip ItIzola ZYX Flask – $35If you prefer the sleekness of stainless steel and the timeless, goes-with-anything versatility of jet black, the ZYX Flask by Izola might be what you’re after. It’s simple, straightforward, and six-ounce capacity should be enough to get you through a cross-country flight. Plus, in a pinch, the raised letter grid on the front serves as an impromptu eye chart to determine how much of that six ounces you consumed en route.Sip ItCork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask – $25The frustrating thing about most flasks is that you’re always wondering how close to empty they are. Wonder no more! The Nicholas Portside Flask from Cork Pops solves this problem with a “porthole-style” glass window that’s not only functional and clever but stylish as well. While the flask’s design borders on nautical kitsch, the polished stainless steel case ensures it’s more sophisticated than it sounds.Sip ItOdeme Red Flask – $32If traditional stainless steel and ceramic aren’t disco enough for you, Odeme’s Red Flask offers a unique, eye-popping design. The old-school, curved shape and bold red powder-coated finish stand out unlike any other on this list. The limited three-ounce capacity should keep you from getting into too much trouble. Think of it as your personal “in case of emergency, break glass” last round of booze for when the bartender closes shop a little earlier than you were expecting.Sip It Uball Is the New Portable Basketball Hoop That Lets You Play Ball Anywhere Editors’ Recommendations Helpful Wine Terminology So You Sound Like You Know What You’re Talking Aboutlast_img

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