New Emergency Alert System to be Tested

first_imgNova Scotia will conduct its first test of a new national emergency alerting system for radio and television broadcasters Wednesday, Dec. 16. The Alert Ready system allows emergency management officials to send out public alerts in times of emergency. It’s a national system that includes participants from both private and public broadcasting in conjunction with government organizations. “We have learned from past events that we need to take advantage of every possible way to communicate during emergency situations,” said Zach Churchill, Minister responsible for the Emergency Management Office. “This new public alert tool is another way we can tell Nova Scotians what’s happening and how to stay safe.” The Emergency Management Office will send a test through the alert system at 2:55 p.m. on Wednesday. There will be a loud alert sound, followed by a spoken message through television and radio. In addition to the new alert system, EMO uses Twitter, Facebook, and emails to first responders and emergency management leaders throughout the province in times of emergency. The Alert Ready program is led by Pelmorex, which operates the Weather Network. More information is available at ttp:// For more information about emergency preparedness, including how to plan and make an emergency kit, visit

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