Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Morocco Because of Violent Passenger

Rabat – A Ryanair plane, flying between London and Tenerife, was forced Saturday, February 24 to make an emergency stop at the airport in Marrakech.According to video shared by the Sun, an unnamed passenger, who spoke with a British accent was caught in camera “ripping off his shirt and threatening to batter the cabin crew.” When the crew members tried to intervene, he began to threaten anyone who would dare to approach him. The captain had to divert the plane and land in Marrakech after the passenger refused to comply with the instructions of the crew.He was handed over to local police.“When hi-vis clad steward told him to calm down, he screamed: “How about you calm down c***? Who’s got a problem with me?”“If one of you f**** tries to take me prisoner one more time I’ll smash your face in,” he said as reported by the Sun.A Ryanair spokeswoman told the British outlet that the passenger “is being dealt with by the police.”

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