Reverend Jesse Jackson Praises Moroccos Role in SouthSouth Cooperation

Rabat – Present at the fourth edition of the Crans Montana Forum, America’s Reverend Jesse Jackson joined the already long lists of prominent international figures who have been saluting Morocco’s role in promoting south-south cooperation.The icon of civil rights movements, who seized the opportunity of his opening speech at the Forum, spoke highly of the role Morocco has played in recent years to defend Africa in international fora.Reverend Jackson also said that an event such as the one Morocco organized in Dakhla is a much-needed step towards the South taking responsibility for itself. The political solutions to reduce the broadening gap between the global North and South, Jesse Jackson argued, should essentially come from the South. He also spoke of Morocco and its recent political reforms as a source of inspiration for others in Africa.In his speech, the civil rights champion put a particular emphasis on Morocco’s investments in sub-Saharan Africa, saying that with an awe-inspiring figure of $4.5 billion, Morocco is a top investor in the continent’s path towards sustainable growth and improved living standards.Jesse Jackson concluded his speech by shedding lights on the scholarships and training possibilities that Morocco has been providing for many fellow African nations. In this regard, Reverend Jackson said that the Kingdom is a “light bearer of African solidarity.”

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