2 Niagara police officers facing criminal charges

The incidents are unrelated, but the arrests happened within a week’s time.Sergeant David Bridel has been with the force for 21 years and was off-duty at the time of the alleged incident. Police would not elaborate on the details leading up to his arrest, but say a member of the public called police when the incident occurred in St.Catharines.Police chief McGuire says the incident happened in the officers personal life and it is the same for Constable Mark Taks, a 2-year veteran of the force. He has been charged with two counts of harrassment.The investigation into that case started in late February after police were called. Taks was granted bail Wednesday morning but was given strict conditions, including having zero contact with the victim and their family, and he’s not to carry a weapon or cellphone unless for work purposes.Both men were uniform patrol officers and have been suspended with pay. They are expected back in court on May 23rd.

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