Fire at Tim Hortons Field causes 25000 in damages

A fire at the Tim Hortons Field early Saturday morning caused about $25,000 in damages.There’s still no word if the Labour Day Classic will go ahead as planned.Overnight security guards called firefighters to the stadium around 3:40AM.There was a fire in the third floor mechanical room.Authorities said a preliminary investigation suggested it may have been an electrical fire at Tim Hortons Field overnight.Police were called in to investigate.The Ontario Fire Marshal was also called in to help determine the cause.Tim Hortons Field was initially scheduled to open on June 30th.The date has been pushed back a number of times due to construction delays.The push is on to get the field ready for the Labour Day Classic on Monday.The fire raised more questions about whether or not that will happen.But the Tiger-Cats coach says the fire hasn’t changed anything.On Saturday the fire alarms were tested, guard rails were installed and the seats were examined as the team practised.

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