Severstal details new fleet for massive Yakovlevsky underground iron ore mine expansion

first_imgIM reported recently that Severstal was making massive investments to increase production by five times at its Yakovlevsky DSO iron ore mine in Russia, which is unusual for that commodity in being an underground operation. The aim is to reach 5 Mt/y by 2023 from the current capacity of just over 1 Mt. This includes purchase of more than 30 pieces of equipment in 2018, for which more details have now been given.They include eight Caterpillar R1300G LHDs used to clean the mine faces after blasting and to transport mined ore to the ore passes. The load capacity of the new machines is 6.8 t, and the bucket volume is 3 m3. Severstal says an advantage of the new machines is their autonomous fire extinguishing system and automatic lubrication system, which will reduce the time spent on their maintenance.Normet is another big OEM making up the order, with five of its Multimec SF 060 mulitpurpose trucks being supplied, and ten replaceable cassettes to go with them. Severstal stated: “Due to their replaceable cassettes, Normet equipment will perform many different functions in the mine. The cassette for transporting people in the mine is a special trailer designed for 14 passengers. All seats are equipped with seat belts and installed communication systems for workers to communicate with the driver. Another piece of removable equipment is its refuelling cassette. It has three oil tanks and one for diesel fuel, as well as a grease pump. This cassette is designed for filling and maintenance of self-propelled diesel equipment. Two other removable equipment units are scissor lifts. These are the so-called shelves that will be used for securing mine workings, charging faces with blasting materials, and installing communications.”In addition, as part of interchangeable cassettes, a cargo platform is included with a crane for loading & unloading materials into the mine and a tank for transporting explosive materials. To change the cartridges of the tractor, a special device is used, which removes them and installs new ones within one minute. The driver remains in the cab, moving the chassis to the next cassette.The mine also uses continuous mining methods for development using combines produced by Russia’s Kopeysk Machine Building Plant weighing more than 46 t. One of the advantages of the new combine is the design of the main body, which has a crown of axial rotation. Due to this, a more accurate development heading contour can be achieved. Miners at the operation expect that this will reduce the formation of dangerous domes. In total, there are ten combines in the mine and the expansion includes two more machines. Aside from development, the main iron ore tonnage is mined using stope drilling and blasting.In addition, four new KAMAZ dump trucks are replacing old MAZ trucks, which served the mine for 15 years. Their function is to transport sand from a nearby quarry to the backfilling complex. Among the advantages of the new technology are air-conditioned cabins, comfortable seats, a steering wheel with the possibility of regulation, and a high level cabin view. The load capacity of these new trucks is 22 t. One unit of equipment makes 17 journeys per 12-hour shift, which means about 748 t per day. The new technology is much more efficient to use. A more modern design of engines saves fuel, and the new type of tyres – all helping to increase their potential mileage to 120,000 km, while on the old technology this figure did not reach 80,000 km.Two new GAZ “next” gazelles have 16 seats each. They correspond to the Euro 5 standard, are equipped with an improved braking system, and have a diesel engine with 140 hp capacity. For passenger safety, they are equipped with seatbelts and have enlarged electric mirrors.A new bulldozer manufactured by the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has entered the plant to replace the old one that has served the company for 14 years. The bulldozer is equipped with hydromechanical transmission, which makes it more comfortable to operate. The cabin has a six-sided form to improve visibility and increase the level of safety. Among the advantages of its new technology it has more reliable rollers with bearings, and a lightweight plastic hood. This, according to experts, will have a positive impact on the maintenance of the equipment. The dozer will manage the road surfaces and dumps in the sand quarry.Five new PAZ and NEFAZ buses will transport Yakovlevsky mine workers to and from the enterprise. The equipment corresponds to the Euro 5 standard and has a high cross-country capability. This is very important in winter, because many routes lie in the countryside. PAZ buses have 30 seats, with 170 hp. Also, both buses are equipped with seat belts. The new equipment accommodates 50 people.Lastly for loading iron ore into rail cars there are two new front loaders: a John Deere 744K-II and a Volvo model. “John Deere loaders are significantly different from their predecessors: they have an extended cab, air conditioning and a sealed keypad instead of standard toggle switches, as well as good noise insulation. The equipment weighs over 25 t and has a bucket volume of 4 m3. Its productivity is 60-70 cars of ore per shift. The loader will load the ore from the storage warehouse, then unload the products at the railroad warehouse into the wagons.”last_img

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