16 video game songs which youll know every note of

first_imgDO YOU REMEMBER when your household got its first video games console?  Perhaps it was Christmas or your birthday, or just a day when your mam and dad were in a particularly generous humour. (Did that actually happen to anyone?)Whatever the day, we’re pretty sure it was a momentous occasion that changed your life forever.  From fighting with your siblings over the good controller to being shouted at by your mam to “go and play outside, it’s a glorious day!”, games console provided our childhoods with some golden moments, and nothing brings them back like some old theme music.So sit back, relax, and let the memories wash over you.Duck HuntYouTube/EmeraldLantern2814WWF WrestlemaniaYouTube/GBelairTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesYouTube/GBelairSuper Mario BrosYouTube/GilvaSunnerYouTube/PeyserConleyYouTube/GBelairStreet Fighter (Guile Theme)YouTube/Pentagram SabbathSuper Mario Bros 2 YouTube/MatzeSuperMarioSuper Mario Bros 3YouTube/GBelairSonic the HedgehogYouTube/nobodyknows182Sonic the Hedgehog 2YouTube/Mafioso TucanazoThe Legend of ZeldaYouTube/slitheryjuggler94Mortal KombatYouTube/MortalKombat9989Ecco the DolphinYouTube/hemightbegiantTetrisYouTube/IIIIlllllSuper Mario KartYouTube/errantmindDonkey KongYouTube/randomlyOrangeOur 8 favourite people from the Harlem Shake videos>VIDEO: Did you see this happen on daytime telly yesterday?>Our favourite Twitter exchange of the day>last_img

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