Man catches cheating wife using iPhone 4S and Find My Friends

first_imgNot sure if this will hold up in divorce court, but a suspicious husband has claimed that he caught his wife cheating using the new (well at least to iOS users, Android peeps have had this since day 1) Find my Friends (FMF) app that works with the iPhone 4S.Much like Latitiude on the Android platform, FMF allows users to find their friends using the GPS location generated by their iPhones. The man in question gave his wife an iPhone 4S as a surprise, then used it to track where she was.According to texts he received from his wife, she claimed to be in the meat packing district of New York, but FMF had her pegged in the Upper East Side, the total opposite direction. The husband claims that this confirmed some suspicions about his spouse cheating with someone uptown. The husband posted all this to the MacRumors forum, so the story cannot be totally confirmed, but it is an illustration of how much info mobile devices can give out.There have been many stories talking about how people have tracked victims down using the geotag in a picture or a text, or how houses have been robbed when someone has posted to Facebook that they have gone out for the day and their address is in their public profile.Information privacy is already a huge issue, and with social networking expanding the electronic umbrella over your life, steps need to be taken to ensure that personal info is not getting into the wrong hands.FMF has some settings inside of it like Latitude that allows you to give only a city-level location to a friend. Meaning if you are in Boston, they will see that you are in the general vicinity of the city, not your exact location. There is also a cool addition that is specific to the iPhone that allows users to share their location for a one time event, meaning that you can give someone your location for a set amount of time, which is pretty handy.It will be interesting to see if the husband in this story will post any outcomes or results. Until then, make sure you know what you are sharing!More at MacRumors forums, via Business Insiderlast_img

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