Aspiring geek musician plays Still Alive using old floppy drives and an

first_imgBefore you throw out those old floppy drives you had stored in a box in the garage, you may want to take a look at a code project that breathes new life into those doorstops. How so you ask? By making sweet, sweet music for gaming geeks across the world. Introducing Moppy, a musical floppy controller that was written to run on an Arduino Uno.Created by user SammyIAm, Moppy uses a Java interface with the Arduino to send MIDI tracks to each drive, forcing them to use their distinctive reading noises to create full length songs. For demonstration purposes, SammyIAM recreated the tune “Still Alive” from Portal, which you can watch in the video below.Making floppy drives sing for the world isn’t as daunting a process as one might think. If you have an Arduino and some old drives, you simply need to hook up the STEP pins on the floppy readers to the even pins on the board, then connect the DIRECTION pins on the drives to the odd numbered posts to complete the loop. (Sammy also stresses that users should ground the board with the drives, so make sure to do that)The software side is pretty basic, you need the drivers for the Arduino, some Java code, and, of course, the Moppy controller. These magical pieces of software combine to allow you to play any MIDI you can get your grubby little hands on, at whatever tempo you wish. It certainly takes some fine tuning, but in no time you will be conducting a full floppy orchestra, who knows you may even be the Bach of the geek world.Read more on Sammy’s GitHublast_img

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