BTJunkie the largest torrent site indexer on the web shuts down

first_imgThe seizure of Megaupload is continuing to have an impact on the wider file-sharing market with many similar services either worried about their future, or taking measures to protect themselves from similar action. We’ve already seen this happen with FileSonic disabling file-sharing on its network. Now, the largest torrent site indexer on the web, BTJunkie, has decided to shut down.No warning was given to the service’s closure. Instead, a goodbye message appeared on the site’s homepage yesterday underneath a reminder the service had been operating for 7 years. The message stated that a difficult decision had been taken to shut down, but no explanation is given.BTJunkie’s founder has since explained that the decision to shut down did not come from any direct action against the service. However, the legal action against MegaUpload, combined with both the RIAA and MPAA reporting BTJunkie to the US Trade Representative last year, meant he was experiencing a “lot of worry and stress” over what might come next.That worry is not misplaced due to the size of BTJunkie. It had over 4 million active torrents and added 4,200 new ones every single day. With the MPAA and RIAA already recognizing it as a threat, you have to presume action against the service was inevitable. Whether closure stops that action is another matter.With two high profile file-sharing services going offline, one forced, the other by choice, how many more will fall? BTJunkie’s decision may actually have more of an impact as the decision has been taken due to the potential for legal action. With BTJunkie gone, other services will gain new users and grow, meaning they will become more important targets for the publishing industry. Are we about to see a domino effect of file-sharing services disappearing or scaling back their features?via TorrentFreaklast_img

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