Weather Eye A poem of thanks for our varied Northwest weather

first_imgHappy Thanksgiving!I want to offer my annual Thanksgiving poem: “I look up at the sky and give thanks for the rain, hail, and snows; to fulfill our needs as only our creator knows. We complain about the heat, the cold, and the rain; but we’re given a variety to keep us sane. The dark clouds may come, but a rainbow will appear, to comfort and tell us our creator is near. We’re given the seasons — summer, fall, winter, and spring; each with their own weather they do bring. Symbolizing a beginning, growth, and death. But the wind keeps on blowing and never runs out of breath. We have acquired the knowledge of the sky, and will keep on learning, that’s no lie. As a shower that moves through and off to the east, this I would like to say at least: “Have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful feast.”Due to early deadlines for my column, any prediction of the pending cold spell would be old news, so I will forgo that topic. However, it still appeared that colder weather is arriving by Monday. Check each day from your favorite weather source for details. It may get very cold or just a little cold. And snow, that is always a last-minute deal anyway.I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little snow with the passing arctic system, on Monday. It will then be clear and chilly. Of course, if we get enough cold over us and moisture comes in later in the week, then lots of snow. I will be in Sunriver, Ore., for the holidays, where I wish there was snow, but it is dry over there as well. We’ll gather our thoughts and chat about cold weather on Sunday.Meanwhile, keep warm, enjoy the day of Thanksgiving.Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at

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