Optimization of Adwords Step By Step a account preparation

Keywords For example, we provide

in the distribution of

insights fou search baby aristocracy Google search analysis (贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/insights/search/ (Google trends) is the baby trend) upgrade edition, can be used for the pre launch estimates can also be verified after the launch, the


can see the new "Google keyword optimization" than "Google promotion." traffic flow is much lower, but it can still bring traffic for us, according to the past we have put on the flow of the word "Google promotion" is very familiar with, through the comparison, we will also have an intuitive understanding to "put Google optimization", which can guide our advertising budget allocation and delivery.

715 degrees Google promotion services for Google promotion advertising has been a long time, I want to do a keyword expansion now, Google optimization services and put the relevant Adwords ads, how should we judge the market size? There is a very simple method, we estimate the keywords and keywords in the current account and stable on the Google search resolution in contrast, as shown in figure

two flow


expansion is the first keyword expansion, Google search analysis can also be used as keyword expansion tools will provide some search volume >

can do what?

market capacity

understand the seasonal many commodities have obvious seasonal, such as mat, fan, radiator and so on, the demand with time periodic fluctuation, a fixed short season, how do we understand and grasp the seasonal factors, the use of noble baby insights search Google search analysis fou.

understand the seasonal and geographical distribution of

can be seen in the annual 4~8 month is the product of the peak, we set up and put in the budget control can make the corresponding tilt, attention, there is a broken part of the back is the fou search baby insights according to the prediction of flow past data for later made. We use Adwords as the location set search word search in the country, you can see the distribution of the amount of search, as shown in figure

sunglasses as an example, as shown in figure

seasonal flow

The change of


can guide the setting, the location of our advertising series set in addition, sometimes we do competing products, can also be adjusted according to the.

We take Keywords

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