How to love Shanghai fast included your site

two, the structure of the website avoid confusion. The plan and construction on the site at the beginning, we must co-ordinate the structure of the website, not to spider differentiation on you, but you guide the spider on your site for details, when the structure of your site is too confused, then you should pay attention to, your new sites, generally can not be fast love Shanghai the spider recognized, even if you included, you will not have very good rankings. The website structure to choose a tree structure, navigation to use bread cut navigation, page level don’t too deep well position navigation for use very friendly.

in recent years for the new station to operate some actual experience is not good to say please forgive me, thank you for your support. Source: 贵族宝贝hn89贵族宝贝 if reproduced, please pay attention to the work of others please retain the copyright of this achievement, thank you very much for your understanding of

after a long time observation found that now the old and new owners for love are never abandon Shanghai, since we cannot do without love Shanghai, so only rely on love and to the sea. So, when a new station on the line, we always pay close attention to the love of Shanghai will not be fast included, will not get good rankings. As we all know, a new station on the line, in general it is not easy to let love Shanghai fast included, so what is the special method can accelerate the rapid love Shanghai search for their site


, ensure that the host space stable. Here we must remember that the host server space, our hardware, is our fundamental. The host space stable or not will survive and the length of time has the very big relations, if your space is often not open or visit the slow don’t say Baidu is the majority of users will not have the patience to wait, to remind the owners choice must find a good space business and ensure that the server has no bad records or by K K, if found to be a contact each other to delete.

The above is my ?

refused to love the fastest Shanghai Hu included your station? In fact, this is a learning! But in general, everything is not absolute, can not prove that as I said it will stand you included, but I dare say is I say it is absolutely conducive to method the site quickly included.


three, the content of the website. The content is the core of a website, there is the essence of a website, whether it is done or not done standing friends of friends, we all love fresh things, the spider is the same, it also love others can meet its freshness. Only in this way, it will come to see you every day is not to bring it. Original content is very important, because the original content will attract love Shanghai spider to grab the page, if you deal with core love how Shanghai will be included in your website, not blindly acquisition and reproduced content, search engine workload don’t always give it trouble or can only enter the examination period or sandbox.

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