How to build the website structure and website keywords of Pyramid Bridge

Long tail keywords operation and site

, a website positioning type, according to the type of decision

of closely linked, from the editor of the website to the website collection to the site’s profit is the usual mode of operation, and a website should be based on the common mode of operation to dig out the long tail keywords, a small website main keywords said the author’s novel name, is the name, the latest novel name + +txt download. The site of the long tail keywords is in the website profit model based on mining, such as through the latest novel name + name + novel to expand out the complete download, can also be used to develop novel novel name +txt download name + download and so on the long tail keywords, according to site traffic statistics according to the analysis of the website has long tail keywords occupy the site traffic > 2/5

website operation, through the operation of mining the long tail word

site can be divided into the long tail keywords, keyword, keyword column and so on, and include these keywords will build into a site keywords Pyramid type keyword and website closely related to various types of Web sites cast into different keywords in Pyramid, it is very important to the bridge site keywords Pyramid and the type of site links the 5 sites on their hands for a keyword summary, according to the different types of websites summed up a set of different keyword selection methods, how to talk with the author as a bridge in Pyramid and the keywords web structure to build a bridge of friendship.

Two, according to

type is a fundamental condition for website development, web site location analysis to carry on the reasonable localization to the website is the key condition of website development. In the link to the site keywords and site types in Pyramid must first make analysis of the positioning of the site according to the site’s profit model, service model and business model conducted a comprehensive analysis of the website localization. If I have a movie website, many movie website owners are on the pop-up ads and access to income, the author of his movie website conducted a comprehensive mining, first on the site’s ranking and the current earnings are analyzed, according to the IP and PV in access to the site every day are analyzed, then take a reform on the website, the former pop ads replaced all the typical text ads, then some will affect the user experience of the picture changes, reduce the image and enhance the user experience. The keyword and website pages are reasonable structures, according to the change of the site keywords measures are analyzed, finally the section of the web site keywords website is established, the movie class website, then the section of the web site and the film are closely related, so the website column was the latest movie, the hottest 2012 the hottest movie network, hottest film, charts and so on, these keywords is the site of the main keywords, closely connected with the type of site promotion website keyword selection.


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