Three update website content you do


with several big love Shanghai update algorithm, resulting in domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry appeared exhausted, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network analysis after the discovery, a large part of the reason is our Shanghai dragon er who did not continue to learn, to keep up with the pace of the Internet! Among them, one of the most notable is the we are still in accordance with the website before the contents of the update process to update our website, if this continues, Shanghai dragon industry is bound to be a crisis of


in fact, from several big love Shanghai in the algorithm has been able to see some clues, these clues are also in love with the sea give us a hint of website content update, the following began to share with 3 of dry cargo website love Shanghai appetite update process:

1. to meet the needs of users. Our purpose is to update the website content to the user, users love what type of content, then we have to actively update, let users see uncomfortable, determined not to update, the best content is user interest after reading can help you forward, and then give you a few comments, so the website is not successful

, a website content updates need to meet those needs


= 2. original high quality? Who love to see the original article, users love, love Shanghai more love, but the original is high quality? Don’t put in the original definition of thinking is a word play out, "slaving away


1. Some people say that the pseudo original is out of date by sea through love, you can’t use it. I can only say that it is your pseudo original skills is not high, the real pseudo original is to let others read do not see is the pseudo original. For example, you finish reading this article I can see is false original? You can see that you are the master! Good pseudo original is the advantages of others write all absorbed over, and then into their own. No goods in your belly? It is hard to absorb

3. to meet the demand of marketing value. If we do the above 2 points, but still do not see the website conversion, so the problem lies in our website content update is above the value of marketing. Want to take the money from the pockets of the user can not be false, not artificial, we must have a certain forward-looking industries and reliability, to allow users to trust you and depend on you, when he depends on you, is from the pocket money.

What need to update

2. to meet the demand of search engine. Many times we will find that there are some experts and scholars write very deep, and are their own industry experience, must be original, but to the above Internet but not many hits, where is the problem? The biggest problem lies in the title, write the title of general experts there is not a search engine index title, so not to mention the ranking, not the site, talk about how successful

update skills two, the content of the websiteHow do the pseudo original

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