n the selection of target keywords should pay attention to what

from the love Shanghai index picked up some keywords to carry on the analysis, the next step is to analyze the competition of target keywords. For example, Shanghai dragon is the word, at present it is difficult to do, so we should avoid the word, and choosing to do, can be regional, but also for the target customers (that is the enterprise website). According to industry analysis, industry competition is very important keywords, special products in this station. We all know this, the competition is too strong, the keyword ranking is difficult to make up, the natural volume is low.

this is a very old problem, I brought up. Many novice Shanghai dragon when selecting the keyword, often ignore some important factors, for example, the word is very consistent with the content of the website, but the hot words, it is difficult to do. There will be a few changes of target words in a month. These are very one-sided, the author had also gone through such a tortuous path. Although the author is not very mature in the Shanghai dragon ER, is only a novice, there are also some concepts and ideas you want to share with you, perhaps in the eyes of Shanghai Phoenix veterans, it is a pediatrician, I hope you can help to.

how to effectively select the appropriate keywords, the most commonly used method is to get through the love of Shanghai index (Google is not recommended, because the love of Shanghai is much higher than Google search volume 5 times). According to their website content, find a few related words, can be hot words, can also be non hot words, and then query the love Shanghai index (recommended home owners produced the webmaster tools, because the love of Shanghai index, some words related to it will give you the search words so as to reduce the workload find some words of love), Shanghai relatively high index and record. If you want to get effective keywords, recommended to record and observe about half a month.

in Shanghai love to enter the keywords you selected, and then look at the love Shanghai listed site, try to avoid those high-profile sites (how to judge: webmaster tools, see PR, see the rankings, see included); a domain specific information query site (PR site in the rankings the scale of operations, such as operating means, Shanghai dragon) according to the strength of the opponent to determine the word operability; if many high-profile stations are in the front row, the words can be abandoned. There are also likely to encounter a word ranking mostly inside pages, so that the words are very good do the home page, the word can be selected as target keywords. Analysis of Web site keywords layout and internal layout counterparts, analysis of several stations, so you can do the enemy, for your selection of keywords are of great help.

we’re going to focus on the user search habits. For a user, even when we go to the search, the preferred choice of words is usually simple words, for example, I want to learn Shanghai dragon, I will search "Shanghai dragon", but will find many, dazzling, >

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