How to choose the most popular high keywords to optimize your Taobao baby title


1. Taobao home page search box below the tip. These are very popular words.




7. is the tool you can use for free. That is entering your Ali Wangwang. Quantum statistics, the lower left corner there is a "Amoy" word, click the menu > points out


6. is a tool, Taobao data cube, spend money, do it, for you will help.


2. when you search for a word, Taobao is not a drop-down box there is some recommended words, the recommended word is the word related to popular sort.

industry data analysis


4. the estimation method of many of my friends did not use it, Taobao is in the mind, Taobao train teaching channel, the headlines are written, 50 thousand popular keywords. Friends to download it to.

5. this is through the background. This is a pretty good looking for Taobao keyword tool, instant. Specific methods are: to train the background > > > > default promotion plan; promotion > > add baby; choose baby out after the choice of tools. The following figure,


we all know, the free flow of Taobao stores are from Taobao search, but Taobao search key word search, is to bring you flow, so, optimize your baby title has become a priority among priorities.

?We look for the keywords


3. search, the search box below will come out some of the keywords related to the product recommendation, this and the above drop vary, careful friends may find that the word is down, starting with your search word, and this is the type of product related words. This is equivalent to extended.

So how to optimize the

a lot of friends is not estimated through train, some are scared to burn the word, would you want to have business with a small capital, not into the train, because of the need to pay 500 dollars, are here to tell you, but you didn’t need the money, you add, can also apply for refund, apply at any time, two days back to you. So boldly to join, train back a lot of information to help you a Taobao shop.

7 methods:

title, how to choose keywords

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