Not to clean up the garbage chain website ranking cyclical fluctuation your attention please


online on the 3.16 sporadic algorithm rules are discussed, the affected site is not too much, a website dragon implicated in surprise. With the gradual application of Scindapsus algorithm love Shanghai, rejected outside the chain of tools online announcement, tell the webmaster love Shanghai search engine in order to maintain justice, zero tolerance for the chain of garbage. The reason why I website ranking no overnight, I had bad chain have a great relationship, in the webmaster tools haven’t updated data to the website and we found that the weight of the website and is still ranked, but through a search engine search has already found in hundreds of meters away: as shown in figure

related domain through the chain of domain found that the chain before the most concentrated in the blog, BBS and classified information, there are some obvious characteristics in repetition and advertising content creation, and the content is too simple, the algorithm is very easy to love green Shanghai think not recommended. But before is not punished, estimation is love before Shanghai algorithm for these are not perfect. In order to verify the dragon that through the competition within the industry website observed before some of the row in the front page of the website in this algorithm after the update also lost ranking, and found that most of the weight of the website and ranking in Webmaster tools, just in love in Shanghai can not find the ranking, website is visible was suddenly right down, find a typical screenshot of the website:

the webmaster, seemingly the future optimization is the construction of the chain direction towards the development of regularization, however, the site will be rather baffling suddenly right down, this is the chain link to check before, Shanghai will love through a certain mechanism to give those construction garbage chain website the punishment, so as to maintain the fairness of the internet. The chain resources before advise webmaster to quickly check their website done. "

algorithm updates will be accompanied by a ranking of the 3.16 update algorithm change despite the size, but for some of the old site is still too suddenly. At the pace of change at all in quietly, some historical problems in this website, be punished, the fairness algorithm is gradually recognized by all, bid farewell to the era of cheating can end website optimization in the spring, affects millions of eyes of the webmaster.


This tells

through the chain of the site analysis, are more or less certain is cheating, a lot of advertising properties of the chain and the repetition of the content, it is difficult to be outside the chain of high quality. The Dragon found before the historical record, the website and the author is right down the website is a common feature of the site has a certain historical accumulation, the content and the chain have a good record, before have been down the right treatment then after a certain time of recovery. The site seems to enter into a cycle of fluctuations in the ranking period, give a ranking things after the sudden drop right, but given recovery after a period of time after the ups and downs.

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