How to choose keywords increase website conversion rate

Keywords small class called Keywords:

analysis: these words for some of the new company, the urgent need to enter the market of the company, can do, because he can make your brand in the industry. There is, if you stand in the user’s point of view to analysis of words, most of the search keywords such users may just want to understand the industry and other purposes. May be your potential customers may not, very uncertain.

second class

caused by these circumstances are derived from the keyword set unreasonable lead. So, we need to do when screening keyword keywords? How to make choice to bring high conversion flow? Unisignflex Shanghai dragon and everyone to discuss the core problem, analyze the common keyword classification can bring what kind of effect.

thirdThe class

category refers to the so-called general keywords those business services or products. If you are a site construction company, so the keyword class is: website construction, website

as a ER and Shanghai Shanghai dragon love or Google promotion, the key thing is probably for the user if the selected keywords, keyword set unreasonable, so the cost is to promote enterprise dashuipiao. There are many such case, although some companies set a lot of keywords, although traffic is over, but the conversion rate is low, causing direct economic losses is very serious. As the Shanghai dragon is the same, although you select some key words, try to put the rankings do go up, but few web site traffic, don’t even say conversion rate.


compared to those categories of search keywords, users of these words is not in the simple understanding, they are looking for. Because they are searching for the search words that have had this problem, they understand their own regional services and price etc.. Such words have than those kinds of keywords closer to the user’s consumer psychology.

Keywords: precision

long tail keywords, also is we often say that such as: Zhengzhou website construction company, which specializes in Zhengzhou website production which is cheap and so on words. General Internet users in the search for these keywords.


is refers to a certain suffix words, such as: Zhengzhou construction, website construction, website + + service + website production costs and so on these words.

to do search engine optimization or search engine marketing, no matter you are paid or paid by Shanghai dragon PPC, all cannot do without the keyword, the keyword that throughout the entire process. In the Shanghai dragon and PPC, the most important is to select keywords, right in line with the user search habits of keywords can make your promotion and marketing multiplier effect.

Whether you are

first class

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