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said the long tail word, you may feel than those keywords more fierce competition easier, it is not false, but the long tail is also need to have some plan, otherwise it is not easy to do the long tail word up, below I combined with my personal experience, speaking a yourself this time do long term feel.

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solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

finally, and most importantly, to make their own long tail words bring flow, make sure you have a high weight website. The weight of high site, most of the long tail word ranking will go up, do not worry about the natural flow. Bring my time in front of the long tail word depends on the traffic, but after Shanghai love the big update, site weight I fell, a large number of long tail word ranking is gone, flow naturally less.

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

first, the long tail word choice must be comprehensive. As we know, do the long tail word fight is the word volume, it is not the main keyword search volume is relatively high, the long tail word search volume is very low, so rely on the long tail of the word brings flow, it is necessary to have a large number of long tail word it, so we should according to the characteristics of their industry, to seek more long tail word. Only have a comprehensive long term, in order to maintain our flow does not decline.

second, long term arrangements have a certain plan. We do not think, without a plan, which word do a word, we must according to their own industry market, adding to the reasonable arrangement of keywords. Take my medical station, I was divided according to the disease, with several diseases which day long tail words are planned, other industries is not clear to me, so I asked each stationmaster to seriously analyze the situation of the industry, and then make the corresponding plan.

this time I mainly do the long tail word, a taste of the long tail words bring a large flow of joy, also experienced a long tail word down after the loss. As for how to find the long tail words, there are a lot of people have been introduced in detail, I will not say more.


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