The construction of the chain link website optimization importance

The promotion of

three: the chain is the brand value of milepost

: a chain guide is a spider climb stone

from the chain promotion website at the beginning of the construction, operation after all from the flow to improve the construction of the chain. In the beginning of establishment, the search engine does not know you this site, so we need to use the chain as bait, guide the search engine for content indexing. If the web content do wonderful, will not judge the search engine where the "black". Although it is not afraid of deep alley, but also need to transfer the right lane. And in the process of operation, the chain will highlight the value of why? Do the chain is like playing advertising, do more, well known and recognized index is also higher. If a web site outside of the chain can reach hundreds of thousands, even millions, want to have to lower ranking. But it is worth emphasizing is that Shanghai Longfeng work, just as in the shortest time, to create the greatest value, with optimization model of ceremony, the high pressure of competition, has been difficult to survive, so the website construction of the chain, and not on behalf of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix all optimization.

website construction and optimization of the competition by? For a long time a lot of people will be defined as "the chain extension", although some absurd, Shanghai dragon construction depends on the chain can create a miracle ranking? But from the side reflects the importance of "chain promotion" in Shanghai dragon in. Even in the business circle contest ending in early July, more people are known as "connections, money pulse" competition, why? The higher the more the chain, whose quality is obviously so ranking outstanding phenomenon, although not absolute, but maintain a high ranking or not the problem. To see this, but thought-provoking, the chain how important is it? In the website optimization, the construction of the chain will play what role, then we went into the topic:

screening of website quality What is the

’tis, why exchange Links to choose the same kind and quality, or high quality website link exchange, but not arbitrary but? This sentence in the same way in the construction of the chain. Just like in the circle of life, you contact people higher value, then your value is higher, and the probability of success is greater, since ancient times this is inconvenient law. The most outstanding natural resources like the brightest people closer, as a result, search engine to give the weight also behoove division. Therefore, we emphasize that the construction site Links not only stay in quantity, quality is more important. For example, if you can exchange a link with the cow to the Tencent, so want to be difficult to ignore all sites. Division Links, is a division of the site quality of population, why link will be search engine drop right? The reason is that the search engines do not hope so, due to the sale of the chain, and affect the normal rules of search engine.

site outside the chain, similar to television advertising, do.

two: the chain is the hourglass

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