Soft Wen contribute is crazy plagiarism how to reduce the damage

In fact,

, the first acquisition station.

personal website, the general collection article is manually collected, because individual station less content, do not take the time to get a collection of tools. This situation in this collection is to bring my poly Lotto lottery website page links are removed. Although not to bring our website links, but also can play a promotional role.

1, in the content identification

this is undoubtedly our paper and writing must increase the difficulty, because have skills in the article with some of our own logo, but also accord with the station audit standard, which is more difficult. How to insert our Xiaofeng lottery website logo, such as network >

2, personal website

ForumFor the

acquisition station reprint articles, I was very welcome, this site acquisition article, is not plagiarism, should be reproduced. When the acquisition of the acquisition station, is not a lottery Lotto me this link removal, so as to give us a chain. If the acquisition of the site weight high, some of the benefits of our website will.

according to the above approach, we can not stop, can not control the actions of others, we can do is try to minimize this damage.


I write high quality original articles to some high weights of the station network to contribute, but also the promotion of some outside the chain, site drainage. This high quality links promotion, I will do some page links in the chain, because the broadcast bring to the site of the effect is very good, the keywords ranking has very great help. Take me to do big lottery lottery website 贵族宝贝 link to this page, Journal of general reprint volume in about 50 times, after analysis in the webmaster website, found the website reproduced generally divided into the following 3 types.

forums, love somebody else’s article is plagiarism. In the forum who is generally in order to promote their own websites, in this case, they collected my posting articles, there will be no moral will I do keyword keywords lotto, change into their own website keywords to do, and links to their own. Some webmaster content better completely does not change, will link directly into them.

1 collection sites

I do contribute to the lottery website article on the deep, originally lottery articles to contribute is difficult, because many sites will be set to the lottery lottery with sensitive words, submission limit keyword articles. He worked hard to write the original article is not easy to be stationmaster net approved, and was soon to be stolen, and will remove the link, or shameless will link into. Although angry with this approach, but the ecological environment of the Internet is that we can do is to decrease this damage to a minimum.

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