Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo what kind of page is a high quality page


download page provides download the corresponding resources, resource is true.


!The content of the page

, the quality of the content pageThe

page content determines the quality of the site itself value, often value high site exposure rate is very high, and the value of the premise itself is a prerequisite to solve the needs of users, followed by the main content is clear, it is not difficult to find a lot of enterprise website and do this and do that, natural confuse, and search engine also consider the integrity of the content and the website chain related recommendation, and the timeliness of the content on the website, or if the acquisition of old content a few years ago, nature is not good optimization.

user browsing and search engine friendly recognition will in the following, the main page here said the quality of the scarcity of the said content

Mainly to see whether the

search results page to see the main search results in search keywords are related.

Er now many Shanghai dragon in the pursuit of weight, but the weight gain often cannot do without high quality pages, many people put more emphasis on the home page, the inside pages optimization so as to ignore, is not reasonable, so in the knowledge of search engine, what page is high quality page? Just for everyone to share personal opinions under Cen Huiyu.

is generally of high quality, with content scarcity condition, which is usually known as the original, but the original.

reference value: the reference value is considered a more important part, a lot of people are updated every day but not up, largely because the reference value of content is not high, basically can not solve the problem of the user, such as a weight loss website, your content is full of said weight loss drug you more a lot of good, but not a set of effective weight-loss programs, nature is not the favor of users; search engine will spend time carefully compiled the contents of a real and effective browsing experience good content into high-quality content, so in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, best to customize a detailed optimization scheme and content of manufacturing strategy, or a Wang Pomai melon will only make the user to push farther.


I believe that the search engine page quality is judged by three factors: content quality, user browsing experience, access to fluency. The three part of any global influence.

content quality judgment mainly from four aspects, the first is the user reference value, the second is the user browsing experience, the third is to identify the search engine friendly, fourth is the scarcity of

article list page main content is complete, the browsing experience, the recommended way illustrated here, let the site looks more rich.

website navigation links are related mainly to determine the recommended and complete at the same time, the overall content is clear, the layout is reasonable.

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