The design of the search box in the website design

third, the search box set position. Plays a very important role in the search box location on the site optimization and user experience improvement. From the establishment of the experience that the best position is the site search box in the upper left corner of the head, or the upper right corner. Direct search content wants to want to clear after the user enters the site, the first time is.

when visiting a website, the search box is the last level of user access to the site. If a web site, there is a lot of content, detailed features, many design elements are relatively complete, products and services will be more, so when users access the site, you want to find the content you want, at this time, the search box has become a necessary tool. In the construction site, from the beginning of design and development, website design is simple and elegant, with text, comments, website announcement, features, services and so on. But with the development and upgrading of the site hierarchy, and the website of the content has become a decoration. So, how do the search box construction and optimization of the website plays a very important role, plays an important role.

second, the search box style to reflect the characteristics of the search box. In the design of the search box, you can add your own ideas, but do not appear strange, users can understand the style. So, the search box design must have the characteristics of the search box, including shape. The user can not access the site carefully and in detail after reading the content of the website, sometimes only care about their own interest in the content, which will use the search box. So the search box style is best to use the rounded rectangle, does not need too much decoration.

elegant design website will be welcomed by many users, but if the website design is not only beautiful, but also the quality of content, but the site did not achieve the desired results. What is the reason? Let’s analyze, the first site is no problem, the content is very high, then the problem is in the quality of the content is not users found or not presented to the user see. The problem is found, then we can make adjustments to let the user the first time to get the content they want. The contents of the search, the most important in the design of the website is the website search (search), then we will come to you today about analysis and design of website design in the search box, hoping to help everyone in the website optimization design work.


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What are the design skills of the search box

first, the search box design must be conspicuous. The design of the search box must be clear, set in a conspicuous place. If the site’s theme color is white, then the search box color can choose black, or use red as the color of the text, the search box being enhanced.


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