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Lee the love of Shanghai clearly pointed out that the chain chain is not recommended garbage significance, and pointed out that more than 98% have been identified and automatic filtering in link calculation, and enumerates some waste in the form of the chain. For cheating the chain is key target, cheating, cheating and other means to interfere with the search engine ranks the act itself was unanimously condemned by the industry, but also by the search engine can be a severe blow, huge profits there are still some Adsense through the purchase, mass, rush into danger, stations, etc. on the sprocket in the short term rapid increase website rankings and flow, with the algorithm upgrade these acts have been more and more difficult to work on the site, not only did not help but will have more negative effects, to obtain recognition of Shanghai love even in hard work will not. The webmaster all know, outside the chain can be invalid but not harmful to their hard work, not to say, to the website more harm is a short period of time can not be assessed, why not use the love.


, Shanghai is the central issue of love warned the webmaster do the value chain, and enumerates some cheating chain means. Although Shanghai has repeatedly clarified the principle of love only the chain is: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendations, but there is no detailed provisions in the specific operation, the webmaster in the process in the construction of the chain is only in accordance with their own understanding, and even some people will rush into danger take the means of cheating. The webmaster can work hard every day, everything can release the chain in the use of Internet resources, although discovered by domain every day there are different degrees of growth, but how much love is a recognition of Shanghai, the weight of the number is not the number of the chain on the site have a negative effect, estimation of every webmaster have thought, specifically how to judge where to start. No wonder in Shanghai refused to love the chain line, in a good webmaster have doubts, what is the garbage outside the chain, and which station in the website down right after really know what the chain shielding resources? Therefore, in the short term is not easy to find the garbage outside the chain, but the webmaster. Combined with the actual situation of their own website, with the help of certain data analysis, some of the garbage outside the chain of decisive shield.

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love Shanghai 4.25 Webmaster Platform Lee announced on the chain after judgment, Shanghai dragon industry discussion on this matter has been can be heard without end can be said to be, different scholars have different views of the topic. For the website optimization is the chain construction is an indispensable part of, whether it is effective or Scindapsus algorithm to open the chain; whether it is to add the encyclopedia references on nofollow or Lee on the chain of judgment, that is to fall in love with the sea will guide the webmaster forward in the construction of the chain the process towards the value direction, let the Internet environment become more and more harmonious.

, a chain of garbage evaluation difficulties how to do

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