Personalized search Rhapsody search engine of the future will be what

officially began today’s topic, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun want to take a their own experience as the opening intro. Before operating an electrical B2C website, has opened in Shanghai and love the price of Google under the premise, want to try the Tencent soso, when a Tencent and Wuhan soso agents Mister interview, in fact, in order to convince him to open an account to me, throwing a very conceptual thing, that is Wuhan Shanghai Dragon Liu Jun wants to talk to today’s personal search. I remember when he was very mysterious and I said, I want to tell you a secret about soso, you do not tell others, this is the future development of SOSO killer. This is the soso of the personalized search, each with soso who search out the search results may be different, but the results are calculated completely with each person’s preferences result.

2, social search

honestly, he was really touched that my words, well, a user can think about what to search and giving the user the results of a search engine will become the best search engine. This is the Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun want to talk about today is the future of personalized search, search engine is the inevitable development trend. So the development of personalized search engines now achieved exactly what point? More personalized search Google currently contains 3 main aspects:

has a different social network contact, will see different results, such as you add your own in other social media contacts in Google account, such as you in face>

I heard very strange to ask, you say this personalized search Google began in 2007 according to the user’s search history, click access to data to provide users a more unique, personalized results. He told me not to regard it as right, users of soso search results is used in all kinds of information, the QQ user, the habit of using the Internet, show social networks in a variety of different habits and a series of data to return different results, QQ has incomparable advantage over other search engines, you will use every day QQ, you left a large number of messages in the QQ, QQ know you very well, so when you use the QQ search engine soso, soso will know that you want to search for what, soso will return to you the most in need of information. So according to this logic, soso will become the most powerful search engine Chinese.

the love of Shanghai and Google have done, for example, you search Shanghai Longfeng, different local search results is different, the local IP often asked the Shanghai dragon type website ranking will be in front. For example, you search for online shopping, you will see that you place priority on users often online shopping website, this is the user in accordance with the geographical division, more regional provide users with search results.

1, location search


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