The web page layout optimization techniques

is a part of this picture I cut out of a corporate website. From the chart we can clearly see this page with the structure of the three column, is the most used enterprise station is the most typical three bar structure, from the perspective of optimization, enterprise station with three bar structure is more conducive to optimization.

‘s has been shared in front of website optimization about new navigation directory layout optimization techniques, then today to talk to the station layout on the homepage layout optimization optimization skills. As we all know, a site optimization of good and bad, first to see its home page layout optimization how, on the front page of the site as we face, users can not attract and retain customers, is to improve the user viscosity, the key lies in the layout of the home page. So how to optimize the web page layout is better? The following is to share with you the optimization skills under the enterprise station homepage layout.

from the above, we have not considered the structure like this, from the perspective of key words is difficult to optimize. Why? We from the left column to analysis (Figure 1 left upper corner of the bar), you see, in the PPT, which is a slide in that position, it is the product of the picture display, if the key words, it should take the traditional classification is to add a product classification on in the PPT above, because from the layout, it has no navigation above the keywords of competitive strength, and want to improve the keywords competition, product keywords let what we want to do is put in the most conspicuous web page and the user is most likely to see where is the left column slides that position, and put the PPT in the position of water and health and join the two pictures. The "product announcement" below, put in the place without any optimization, you think, if you want to make your site keywords have competition, you arranged in your home page navigation on most things should be your target keywords or product description with product information most of the anchor text, so if the above page layout adjustment, the intensity of competition in product keywords will be increased.

Enterprise Station homepage layout from the keywords competition dynamics to consider, perhaps say you will feel a bit abstract, so for example, you with me to see the picture below:

second, from the user’s browsing habits to layout homepage


first, the intensity of competition from the key to the layout of the website home page

from the user’s browsing habits to the layout of the home page, through the analysis of the above, it is easier to understand, in the example above, the picture to you all, we will look at the PPT, that is, the position of the slide, the user is not in the browsing you will first see the user. Browsing habits are usually from the left.

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