The label Nofollow you have to know the meaning of

nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. This tag is to tell the meaning of search engine " do not follow the links on this page or not to track this particular link " so what is the meaning of this sentence? Said the popular point is to tell the search engine spiders do not transfer the weight of the whole page or URL. If the A page has a link to the B page, but the page to the A link with the rel=" nofollow" mark, the search engine will not reverse link A "B" into account, it is not to vote.

I believe there are a lot of friends do not understand Shanghai dragon for "Nofollow" at least you don’t know how to use it in the Shanghai dragon website optimization.


2, the website links to free love Shanghai, the Ministry or the famous website that we should not add "Nofollow"? Many owners do not know your website without the use of "Nofollow" label, then the spiders you give them your vote.

as Shanghai dragon ER how to use the "Nofollow"

then add the label really has an impact on the voting link weights and the PR value? This is questionable. Noble baby, Yahoo expressed support for the label. But they really put the voting weights of these links are reduced to zero and not sure?. Love for Shanghai in recent years also expressed support for the "Nofollow" label, but did not explain how to support nofollow. But from the love of their products in Shanghai we can see the "Nofollow" >

1, many enterprises have a lot of columns such as station (company profile, contact us), these columns when we fail to add "Nofollow", the website weight will be dispersed lead to home page weight was much lower than the others website.

3, like we did Shanghai dragon Blog websites generally have a message for the webmaster, we do not know who is not a message or advertising links, this time the message board system will automatically realize nofollow plug-in shielding search engine links, so the link in the message board is not in its link, of course there are some systems do not automatically.

nofollow is what do you mean? According to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love:

so how to understand? Is very simple: you put your website to 100 dollars if you site has 5 columns each column to 20 dollars right? So your site weight and did not let the home page highlights. There are free website link to love Shanghai or well-known sites, for spiders you put 100 dollars to them, that is your website for their vote.

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