How to do the optimization of the three major sub domain

The correlation between

sub domain optimization and good effect to our webmaster can not be ignored, sub domain optimization, as if in the marathon, you get a bike. Not guessing, so how do the optimization sub domain name? I think there are three very important point here as follows:

there are too many owners ignore the potential role of sub domain, to optimize the top-level domain thought, this phenomenon is not very good. Also mentioned in the "Shanghai dragon" actual combat password book: domain name diversity chain helps to optimize the site. Here we use an example that optimize the effectiveness and importance of domain name:

wants the domain name can be quickly searched, you must set the appropriate, commonly used words, such as: a picture we can see clearly, for the words "mobile phone", these sites have the word "mobile", which reminds us in time for sub domain optimization not only to pay attention to Chinese keywords, remember English is the international common language, it can effectively improve the hit rate and flow.

I think, when you’re at a loss when, when you are not used to it, the sudden change of search engine algorithm optimized by the better recover the original simplicity, fundamental to. Then the points of this paper is the two level domain name website optimization.

site is the focus of essence lies in the content of foliar fertilizer. The content is attractive. Whether the content is practical which can often imperceptibly you lock a part of the user. But the difference lies in the optimization of sub domain, we give the relevant discussion groups, columns and other sub domains for this page, for the long-term development of the website is a necessary step, when we formed a "snowball" phenomenon, we sub page weight or whether there will be included great improvement.

1. domain name and keyword collocation

here mainly from Links to elaborate, when adding Links in sub domain, attention must be paid to the correlation of the content on the website, such as you do the mobile phone, then you can not exchange links website and mobile phone, although all the electronics industry, but this exchange, irrelevant answer the opposite, people and dogs are animal! If not related links page content, not only the first.

3. – Links the chain

The importance of

2. page

if a webmaster immersed in the optimization process of Shanghai dragon, he will often lose myself, because too many of the webmaster is around in the search engine side, as if to see the search engine of montana. Even if you go to find new methods, even if you’re changing the means of optimization, but the search engine of the passions, like the weather, sometimes forget to take an umbrella.



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