On site maintenance work which is the key

as a webmaster all know the importance Links, Links can be said to be the key to the construction of the chain, and the quality of the Links to directly affect the site keywords ranking, the health quality of Links is the webmaster consistent pursue, however, how the web Links health degree, this needs the webmaster friends in exchange, the Zheng big eyes. Generally speaking, the exchange of Links need attention, says qualitative, correlation, mutual, depends on the number of other web site updates, friends of the chain number, the other for the PR means, all these factors can refer to. Therefore, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html), hope webmaster friends can pay more attention to the above points in time for Links, and change to the health quality of Links.

diversified quality chain construction

for web maintainers usually need to do things, believe that the webmaster friends are very clear, but what is the daily maintenance of the site of the key? The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team and the webmaster friends on what site daily maintenance work what is the key of

The quality of

Pay attention to the user experience of the site ?Update the

stable fresh contentThe

Links health

content of the work is always the focus of the work site maintenance, no matter what type of website, the website will need to update the content, not the content of the support, not to mention the website development, website to life, to regularly write some fresh content to the web site, increase only the site of new content, in order to attract the search engine spiders and user access, otherwise, the search engine spiders to your site every time but no new things can crawl, next time also won’t come again, not a search engine spider, website will appear a variety of problems, these are for the website maintenance common sense.

believes that a lot of people will complain about the chain construction site now more and more difficult, to a link will take a long time to register an account, if it is a forum to spend time to improve the level of account, many new account some still can’t post, in order to get the signature authority will first took a long time to keep accounts, they believe that every webmaster have a headache. In fact, now the construction of the chain is not so difficult, there are a lot of the construction of the chain, and not only confined to the forum, free blog chain, Q & a platform, there are a lot of classified information platform, Links platform, B2B platform platform directory, etc. These are high quality link platform, and now the best way to get links, soft Wen contribute, a good quality of soft Wen can get a lot of websites reproduced, this is outside the chain of high quality, but also has diversified.


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