On the construction site search some fatal reasons of engine kill

ad clicks the user to click on the initiative, but many webmaster in order to increase the amount of ad clicks will be modified to deliberate advertising links induced words or advertising click fat induced behavior, such as "click > Enter

six: induced click

According to statistics, 90%

five: change the advertising effect

change the advertising effect, especially the love of Shanghai. As to Shanghai fixed advertising through JS calls to advertising, or some other change in advertising effect display, is considered "induced" user clicks, so the site to punish cheating.

stack flow simulation

three: advertising

is formed by a program or other forms of traffic or plug-in theft. That is a simple web traffic to another web site. Today (browse a love Shanghai know page, found to be introduced to the 58 city…… Everything is nothing has nothing to do with me.

: a keyword stuffing

small website of all traffic from search engines, so all aspects of the site optimization project needle has done for search engines also emerge in an endless stream. However, the optimization of excessive or cheating will bring irreparable disaster for the site. So, many of the primary webmaster but do not quite understand this, what kind of optimization will be excessive, what kind of behavior is cheating? Have good optimization, is cheating don’t even know what kind of behavior. Analysis of several fatal causes search engine kill website is easy cause in this paper.


the primary webmaster optimization of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but always choose to ignore naturally or half unconsciously on the one hand, the reason is not a good grasp of the degree of control, another is a opportunistic try attitude. However, for most website keyword optimization is not reasonable, is to search engine optimization unreasonable, K off the site most of the resulting. However, the reason that is most, there is a small part of the website keyword does not stack up, but still have good rankings, such examples are found on many times, but thought-provoking. However, before no conclusion, or not opportunistic, not to count on luck.

may be a lot of primary owners do not understand this truth, why advertising can lead to web sites are blocked up. Here I tell you if there is too much advertising a web interface, or too much in the advertising display advertising area single element, a search engine that will cause the user to click is not accurate, it was. Therefore, the site was blocked for a reason: cheating.

often see some information called "brush flow real click" in fact most are simulated click through procedure. The resulting flow is cheating, the search engine will.


two: steal flow

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