nterpretation of Nanning Shanghai dragon right down the blog

love Shanghai right down is a little tricky, I had to take over the site, the domain name is two, the site is also from scratch, just because they had come into contact with the Shanghai dragon industry, and to modify the theme and navigation, also to drop right once.

keyword and description of their own recovery, I have a feeling at the time, should not have a week, love Shanghai will certainly be right down to me, let me go back to the night before liberation, start again. Today, really deal with, 6 – 10 is less than 4 days, Thursday love Shanghai to update, but not on my ranking immediately right down and included, but wait for a few days.

, an interpretation of Nanning Shanghai dragon blog drop right

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he found something was wrong, I think, my background password without giving any people, but I know the password only with the boss, the boss is not likely to change something of me, at that time, I really do not understand what is going on. If third person did not know the password, it is likely to be modified by FTP. So I asked a good friend of mine and sunny, through his analysis, said that my blog is used by black hat technology modified by FTP. At that time, I have an idea, I Nanning Shanghai dragon blog, not to offend anyone, I also do not do illegal things, how would attack me? Because I was fine commentary ranking, I think, I was just being a local word, a row name just, why so launching a campaign to attack me?

to take a look at the data.

Nanning Shanghai dragon blog drop right reason interpretation, on the night of July 4th when about 23:00, I always open my blog at Nanning Shanghai dragon, want to update, is not open, I think that is the server problems, at that time did not care what, on the second day, the blog can be opened at the time he did not carefully check, so they update 2 articles on the third day, which is July 6th day, I suddenly found missing keywords and description of the blog, then check your blog yourself back to the top of the code, found the description and really do not see the keyword.

a station to Cincinnati hard to do it, do not know why, suddenly back to explain, although not in love with the sea K station so miserable, but the love of Shanghai included in half, is the original 160, now reduced by 95 from the original Nanning Shanghai dragon ranking from June 8th has been ranked first, from beginning in July 10th, dropped to 100, the Nanning Shanghai dragon training from June 15th has been ranked third from the beginning of 29, has been ranked first, in July 10th fell to 100, what is the reason for the Nanning Shanghai dragon blog ranking from a month to look back to the liberation ranks below? Please listen to a small thin said slowly.

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