love the mule electric business circle in the end should not criticize

, a station in the electricity supplier circle team perspective

in the point of view of the Webmaster Station



in the view of marketing

love Shanghai index can be seen, business from 0 index to 850 now only a few days time, from the marketing point of view of the business circle of Shanghai dragon game, it is undoubtedly a very successful case, many webmaster all day to learn marketing, promotion, for a hand to look at the case, this is a case of such success, how from beginning to end step by step in front of you, those who do not go to the Study hard, it is to let a person can say what



at the end of a disclaimer: those who know me, I love mules with electric circle is not half dime, did not participate in the Shanghai dragon race. I just think that the webmaster in one thing, can not only see the worst, multi perspective view, perhaps our views will be different. In this paper, I love mules from the original: 贵族宝贝ebaite贵族宝贝/blog/post/9.html, welcome to reprint, please indicate the link >

business circle a thorough fire, at the same time, there are a lot of people severely criticized the business circle of Shanghai dragon game, think that it is too commercialized, spend a little bit of money will get a huge return, but I think, completely unnecessary criticism, on the contrary, it should be a lot to learn ideas and models they, we should change some perspective on "business".

we all know, the business circle of Shanghai dragon race organizers is a B2B team web site. If you are a man of great ability, you have also brought team, or tried to bring the team, if you love a mule, is not the ability of grassroots, you must have joined a team, or try to join a team. In either case, must have many webmaster in some Shanghai Longfeng, Wangzhuan, marketing class team, no matter which team will try to make some attractive things, just like any other business as a team, but he had the advantage of Shanghai dragon game, do the more successful.

a lot of people say that the business circle is too commercial, said the money cheated owners of labor, so the fact is that so? The owners are not harvested? Generally speaking, most of the contestants to name (in other words, other interests, because it will make you a name next, get a lot) or to practice, test your level. The game with commercial or public interest has nothing, only about the influence of race is, if someone questioned the "electric business circle" influence, there is no reason to conclude so early, after all, the game has just begun, will have much influence now who do not know.

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