Stand inside the anchor text number should not be too much many are not included

often concern Deng Jiangxi Shanghai dragon blog friends should be found in Jiangxi, Shanghai dragon blog articles are Xiaodeng to write their own original, needless to say, yes, we can go to the test, the contents of my copy to love the sea search, search results is my own, maybe there will be a lot of results, it is Deng Ziji to other forum, or others reproduced, how to see my original, just look at the published time, the good judgment. I do not believe that you teach. Okay, so when determining the Xiaodeng blog is completely original, let us analyze the collected case Xiaodeng blog; I released a total of 278 articles included, but how much is it? I tell you, 238 from yesterday updated my collection, but yesterday not included before the update is 273! If this number is still not out now, it is understandable, because only 5 articles not included words is normal, but in fact, after the updated article number dropped 40, the conclusion is that the content of the original love of Shanghai will not be included, is included it is not long, so what do we do? Is it love Shanghai crazy? We all know that the original content on the website of the benefits is self-evident, Deng here do not deny that this is very correct, 100 percent right! Someone may ask, since it is correct that why you don’t included? You don’t worry, I’ll let the reasons out!

why the 40 articles not included? Why the front included and not included in the back? This is why?

Oh, all of a sudden the problems we have listed ah, now I will tell you why these articles are not included. The reason lies in the anchor text. Ah, the anchor text will also affect the included? Yes, the number of anchor text will directly affect the problems included your article, this is Deng tried. I do not know is not the truth, but at least in my website which is this test. I think, for I and weight about the site, there should be the same state. Below I said how to do. In the early time just site, then more than a month, my hair is not the anchor text in the article, not one, because at that time did not do within the chain within the chain, also do not know what role, how to do. But the back is not the same to the back, I know the role of the chain in the chain, know for the website ranking is very important, so you can add anchor text in the article. But the problem is here! Sometimes I add a lot of, on this issue, the number in the anchor text. This is the effect of the original article included the problem! Oh, because I have the added four or five anchor text, like yesterday began to do long tail keywords, anchor text and several more, so these articles is not included. Like yesterday issued an article directly not included, today is estimated less than those with anchor text.

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