Shanghai Longfeng optimization changing but the optimization core has survived


many optimization details have been compared with the previous changes, before you think that quality content is largely original content, the result is that we try to make the original, as long as the search engine is not included in the content can be so original, pseudo original is produced, even later some of my friends to take over Taobao comments updated on the website, which is clearly not satisfied for the users. Right now, I think the quality of the optimization is not only the original content, content and user requirements of search search agreement is our basis for judging the quality of the current standard, there will be a lot of a search site, but we will find attentive students search the word Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon why, and webmasters webmaster tools the long-term stability of links exist in the search engine home page.

content of the construction is not subjective but to carry out planning and organization. The purpose is to establish the subject, whether you are optimizing page or column page, even the content page, website content must be closely linked to the column you want to publish the theme, the theme established next is the content of the organization.


as an optimization personnel, the fighting in the Shanghai dragon front has five or six years of optimization time, everything about the operational details of the site optimization have also experienced strong wind and big waves, such as code optimization, structure optimization, user experience optimization, chain operation and so on, search engine development has many optimization methods have the effect is not obvious but, I think some of the core details or the optimization is a very important link in the process, mainly includes the following contents.

I own a

I think fit these sites the content quality and user requirements is relatively high, to solve the user’s problem is the basic factors of love Shanghai recommend you site. In fact, the fundamental reason is the content of your site. For some ranking unstable site to end is minor changes directly take over, it is updated in order to optimize and optimize the content, but the search engine algorithm in the escalating today, for some surface phenomenon has been able to do well to avoid, the low quality of the content not only storage resources, but also for the user to read is a worthless waste of time, so that a search engine will gradually remove such content, the contents of this site, the search engine will gradually go down the right for the website, ranking fluctuation is obviously.

site for example, education and training of our site’s purpose is to want to participate in the training of students enrollment for us to provide for students to provide value, whether it is written for training.

second, the content of the website optimization must be reasonable planning and organization.

first, consistent with the quality and the user’s search needs.


The contents of the quality

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