Shanghai dragon Er give novice chain advice

must love Shanghai for your product correlation is very important, it needs its own show things have enough user experience, so whether you want to reply or do you want to publish their own information in Shanghai love platform, should pay attention to this, the chain has nothing to do with the information is certain will be deleted. At this point, we only need to spend some thoughts can do, after all the love of Shanghai’s resources is very large, no matter what the website to find and their related information is very simple.

approach to innovation: in fact, whether you take what kind of practice in Shanghai on the platform of the chain, in fact, love Shanghai is to see in the eyes, if a few people do, and don’t love Shanghai very seriously, but if a lot of people are doing the same, attracted enough attention to love Shanghai you are in danger. When some people know that having sex in Shanghai, there will be a lot of "Huyou" love Shanghai practice, such as the baidu link to add words and so on, these practices start effect is very good, but.

love Shanghai’s own platform, perfect structure, love is to meet the Shanghai search engine ranking rules, so they have a quite good weight, if can reasonably make the chain in Shanghai love platform, which would be great helpful for our website. But it is because of love is the love of the Shanghai Shanghai platform of their products, it is for Shanghai dragon to know in their best platform outside the chain, you need to have a lot of strategies, these three points, you must do it, otherwise, you must be in vain.

: don’t do the chain in Shanghai platform, the most important thing, is to control the degree, whether you know, in Shanghai or Shanghai Post Bar love love love Shanghai space, you have to control the number of released every day of the chain, once the number is too much, it will cause the love of Shanghai, light weight is added to remove the link, "blacklist your website" (a lot of new people, start crazy to know the hair of the chain, the results back to love Shanghai as long as it is the web link directly through, it is for this reason). The proposed approach is: love Shanghai know control within 10 day, love Shanghai Post Bar every Post Bar only send a chain, other platforms are also similar, but in control of.

Shanghai dragon is not a discipline, not a professional, so almost everyone is exposed to the industry through self-study, but also do not have what method of Shanghai dragon crash, only one step to explore, the first hair of the chain is new Shanghai dragon to do. The hair of the chain is very simple, but to send the chain, still need to have some skills, here to bring some novice Shanghai dragon Er chain advice. We all hope that their chain release can exist longer, can get better weight, so to send the chain, the first thing to do is to choose the right platform.

love Shanghai platform while high weight, but to do "insignificant"

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