Search advertising end point stations may become the bane of the station

2010 single page advertisement stand age, does have a lot of Shanghai dragon ER this single page station mode successfully through a lot of Taobao! For example, losing weight, weight search keywords pages are almost single page advertisement! This station successfully created 2010 single page station spread until now this the model is still rapid expansion! It is understood that Jiang Hui had proposed that this model is just an accident, and did not consider the consequences, this pattern of advertising is not be standing in Shanghai and the search engines love love, because the customer is not necessarily to search ads! But this station does not violate Shanghai Longfeng technical rules, so now love Shanghai the search algorithm ranking is inevitable. Shanghai love is at the mercy of the advertising station rampant, if love Shanghai search algorithm with no better ranking method, then the future of love in Shanghai before a few pages will be advertising occupied. I think this is not willing to see the top of the phenomenon of

search engine is used to provide services for users to solve user problems. However, the search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng purpose is better and more convenient service for users.

!What is the end point ?

search search end point station station? What is the meaning of

the user through the search engine to search a problem, and finally the search to help users solve problems without the station search again is search for end point station. Of course, the customer has encountered a problem when searching for a station is not resolved, the second station search or no solution may be to give up the search, but this situation is still relatively small, most users will still continue to search to find the answer you want. For example, if a site’s ranking.

search engine is used to do what

another way, if I love Shanghai search engine rules, how to judge the low quality of the original false advertising station? Original content can be forged, the diversity of the number of the chain can be forged, what method can solve these problems? The search engine is essential for customer service the station, a good customer should be said to be, how to let customers know how to speak, the search engine customers love this website? So, search the key end point station end point station search term was born! Will likely become the Shanghai dragon trash nemesis, if not the theory of search engine then, the search engine home page or even the first few pages will be Shanghai Dragon advertising by standing

since 2010 for the founder of the long tail word Jiang Hui proposed the direct marketing of Shanghai Longfeng ways of making money, through this method to teach students simply by Shanghai dragon, keyword selection of commercial value, the Shanghai dragon getting traffic, through direct advertising, cash flow, and the content is only part of in order to look to the search engines, because for a long time Jiang Hui had proposed this theory, there are many benefits for the exchange students through the Shanghai dragon single page station, now that many words are love Shanghai search advertising station, Taobao customers to sell products.

? The rise of the

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