Share by beautiful said Taobao promotion passenger flow detonated

visible, beautiful said the chain is an excellent platform. Familiar with the beauty that friends should know that in the beautiful said goods are not issued share Taobao customer link, it also makes a lot of Amoy friends wangyangxingtan. In fact, beauty does not release Taobao off link goods, because of the beautiful said itself is a big guest, so the promotion way seems impossible. So, what is the

this love Shanghai although there is no index, but the competition is quite fierce, visible conversion rate is still considerable. Although the release of the guest is not to share the beautiful first, but only a short advertisement can only know love Shanghai, is still quite good, every day should also;




beauty is a large female commodity sharing community, the weight is very high, which is in line with the basic requirements for our customers to promote the Taobao. Included beauty as shown below.

is now Taobao guest promotion methods but often emerge in an endless stream, method of rotten Taobao customers has been hard work. Today I share a Taobao customers to promote practical and beautiful: everyone said the promotion of dry cargo.

is important to note here: share pictures when there is no fill in the title for this option. Beauty will automatically intercept first part of the text as a title. So we should pay attention to, the first sentence is not recommended in colloquial language, but should be extended their collocation words, like writing articles or posting. Next, it should be colloquial language, but not the blind stack keywords. Thus reducing the chance to remove the administrator, can allow users to read, so as to improve the conversion rate.

to share?


is very simple: share pictures. In the beautiful said after landing, click on I want to share, there will be the screen shown below.

this time not to choose "share baby", and "share pictures". After choosing a casually pass picture or promotion commodity picture, and write pictures, add links to Taobao customers.

is Taobao off promotion, I suggest not directly off the Taobao link, but the first through third party tools shortened URL before release, it also avoids the blocked. And if you want to send the chain, the website address before you add "贵族宝贝", otherwise it will be turned into a hyperlink, also lost the meaning of the chain.

If the

so, how do the beauty promotion effect? I can only say: the effect of It differs from man to man. For example, the following figure is search for young people increased lycopene soft capsule "in the love of Shanghai, a passenger said Taobao advertising ranked third in the beautiful, followed by Shanghai know love.

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