Fat share three soft writing process

;You do not understand the

is 3, rewritten, extended, others give you an introduction.


2, imitation, style or in combination with RE, this article will more people reading and sense of hierarchy.

why not say innovation, mode of thinking, unique, soft writing form to express, if I use these words, is to follow the same copycat others, one, only with the text is not the same, diffusion integration is a kind of thought, the integration of their ideas and their feelings in fusion inside, when people read your article, think this article gave him what, there will be a kind of things prompted him to do an action or behavior, that is to achieve the purpose and effect of the soft.

two, soft writing is not to find the material, can not find the way, the most important is a " to "

no matter how you imitate, you can not imitate others, others can not copy the sentiment, ten thousand people have ten thousand ideas, everyone who express their own things in different ways, so the result is not the same, when the soft feeling write out, thinking it will Everfount. What you learn and themes together. And it is a very thoughtful article quality, others will copy the intrinsic value.

summary: whether it is imitation, understanding, or integration to write, to seize a key to write, to extend to the point, this is the most real.

into industries and fields, whether you or you teach others to teach others, the beginning is to imitate, because imitation has a thought with you to complete each of the steps, there is the imitation of the object value, flash point. The distinction between soft imitation of Beijing Shanghai dragon of three levels.

the headline is a little big, see the encyclopedia and related books, a lot of knowledge can learn, but how the webmaster to our website content filled, there is such a phenomenon: many stations in Changning may spend a lot of time to optimize the code to write acquisition algorithm, nor to soft writing, now the search engine algorithm is more and more powerful, if you do not learn to master writing words, every day to collect, then eventually you will put your beloved website to send astray. How to carry out the soft writing, in fact, soft writing as you study sites, how did you first began to learn, and how such as hand control, the soft writing is the same way, where to start, where hands-on, following the author introduce three steps of writing soft Wen:

, not a soft writing, we can first " imitation "

1, light imitation is to modify the title directly take over.

three, soft writing how to continuously, softly, which is the integration of " "

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