How do the details page optimization settings to enhance the effect of Shanghai Dragon

optimization, too much emphasis on the chain construction outside the station, the station that is often overlooked is the key to stable ranking. All the personal site, outside the chain of few sites is less than ten thousand, in addition to railway station, but look at his ranking, many of which are suspended in midair. Therefore, a successful web site to the chain outside the station to support, the details of the site properly, so as to make the user experience, ranking two. Today I talk about the optimization settings page details.

we all know, when a user opens a web page, the program will automatically call the data loading, like to eat a small bowl of rice and a bowl of rice, two of the time are different. Similarly, the website page load data, the volume is too large will load a long time, but too small naturally fast loading. Besides love Shanghai limit the size of the page, the page is too large, the bottom of Shanghai not included complete love. If the page is more than 125k, the content of love behind the sea simply not search. It is recommended that you turn the page size control in less than 125K. If the page must exceed this size, please write in front of an important page, it helps to get keywords ranking. A page of the same size determines the size of the opening speed of the page, and the opening speed also affects the quality of the user experience. Generally speaking, the page load time exceeds 3 seconds, the site will lose most of the new users, and these new users will have fifty percent will become loyal users of website. We do so in the details of the page optimization, don’t try to control the page size of more than 100KB, if the page size is too large, we can use the page compression tool to compress the page size, now a lot of space to support this function, the details may consult the customer service space.


two, compressed image size

Many webmasters do website

in the web page content loading, image loading time is very long, a 500 word text loading speed may be 0.5MS, but the speed of image loading a wallpaper size will be more than 2 seconds, and a page may not be only a picture, plus other pages the contents, such as navigation, LOGO, advertising and so on, together with the loading time will more than 4 seconds. Natural loading speed certainly not this bring what good effect to website. So let’s do page details, try to put every picture compression ratio display, especially home do not put a few wallpaper size of the picture, but also not compressed into thumbnails, each picture compressed pages, you can save a lot of space resources, so as to ensure the page opening speed. Another picture is called the best Css call, div+css page is still the most popular by the spider.

, a web page size

three, increase each picture AL>

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