A multi pronged crack site snapshot not update problem


2. the chain for the emperor, the chain wide and depth is the key to

1. content, content and update quality is the core of

snapshot not update which will bring negative effect to the website? A, exchange links with "discrimination", it is difficult to exchange to a high quality friend chain; two, selling links is often ignored, close links the most valued snapshot; three, do stand against the confidence, the website is like the snapshot stagnation love Shanghai abandoned the children, not to pay attention to! All these negative effect shows a problem: snapshot not update, the site suffered a variety of problems in the development, income, smooth development will haunt webmaster and site! So, as a webmaster, be sure to use a variety of methods, multi pronged approach to resolve the problem of not updated snapshot the. To multi pronged, because the site snapshot is affected by many factors, the problems are not completely isolated, in troubleshooting and solving, need to check on all aspects of factors, to determine the problem, make timely snapshot normal update, gradually recovered to three days to update, finally the next update frequency to normal.

3. to eliminate the risk, avoid all sorts of negative drag

search engine not only as far as possible to provide high quality information to the user, need is to ensure that the web must be safe. This leads to a principle that is linked to the horse, treat some malicious websites, search engines have the obligation, it is necessary to.

and relative content should be king, there is a saying called do stand outside the chain for the emperor, said is the content and relatively occupy Shanghai dragon chain optimization importance the other half of the country. The relationship between the chain and update site snapshot closely, especially to promote the chain of high quality Links and regularly, can attract the search engine spiders from the chain to the site to crawl, crawl and crawl on the content of the website. Outside chain is not only the pursuit of quantity, in its extensive attention at the same time, but also pay attention to the depth of the chain, on the one hand is to select high quality, strong correlation and optimization effect is a good site for Links exchange, in the railway station, change to this link conditions can purchase, on the other hand is pay attention to the station link so that is more influence on the optimization of the chain form, so as to promote the role of snapshot update.


snapshot reflects the search engine for the site visit and included the frequency of updates, so this website content is closely linked! Only with high quality content to attract search engine, to provide valuable information, to form the habit of regular crawled and update, this course should use all of the original article already familiar. At the same time, the habit of update is also very important! Only have a regular update habit can make the search engine will form the regular update frequency, which is the key to obtain the approval. We often say that the content is king, is in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, high quality content is the core of search engine friendly profit factors and attention.

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